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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Brink's Job

The Brink's Job

Release Date: Friday, December 8 1978 (43 years ago)
Portrait of Peter FalkPeter Falk
Tony Pino
Peter Falk was:
Portrait of Peter BoylePeter Boyle
Joe McGinnis
Peter Boyle was:
Portrait of Allen GarfieldAllen Garfield
Vinnie Costa
Allen Garfield was:
Portrait of Warren OatesWarren Oates
Specs O'Keefe
Warren Oates was:
Portrait of Gena RowlandsGena Rowlands
Mary Pino
Gena Rowlands was:
Portrait of Paul SorvinoPaul Sorvino
Jazz Maffie
Paul Sorvino was:
Portrait of Sheldon LeonardSheldon Leonard
J. Edgar Hoover
Sheldon Leonard was:
Portrait of Kevin O'ConnorKevin O'Connor
Stanley Gusciora
Kevin O'Connor was:
Portrait of Gerard MurphyGerard Murphy
Sandy Richardson
Gerard Murphy was:
Portrait of Patrick HinesPatrick Hines
H. H. Rightmire
Patrick Hines was:
Portrait of Malachy McCourtMalachy McCourt
Mutt Murphy
Malachy McCourt was:
Portrait of Randy JurgensenRandy Jurgensen
FBI Agent
Randy Jurgensen was:
Portrait of John BrandonJohn Brandon
FBI Agent
John Brandon was:
Portrait of Robert ProskyRobert Prosky
Lineup Gallery Cop
Robert Prosky was:
Portrait of Earl HindmanEarl Hindman
FBI Agent # 3
Earl Hindman was:
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