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Poster of Maniac


Release Date: Friday, November 14 1980 (42 years ago)
Portrait of Joe SpinellJoe Spinell
Frank Zito
Joe Spinell was:
Portrait of Caroline MunroCaroline Munro
Anna D'Antoni
Caroline Munro was:
Portrait of Abigail ClaytonAbigail Clayton
Abigail Clayton was:
Portrait of Nelia BacmeisterNelia Bacmeister
Carmen Zito
Nelia Bacmeister was:
Portrait of Denise SpagnuoloDenise Spagnuolo
Denise Spagnuolo was:
Portrait of Billy SpagnuoloBilly Spagnuolo
Billy Spagnuolo was:
Portrait of Kelly PiperKelly Piper
Kelly Piper was:
Portrait of Sharon MitchellSharon Mitchell
Second Nurse
Sharon Mitchell was:
Portrait of Rita MontoneRita Montone
Rita Montone was:
Portrait of Hyla MarrowHyla Marrow
Disco Girl
Hyla Marrow was:
Portrait of Tom SaviniTom Savini
Disco Boy
Tom Savini was:
Portrait of Linda Lee WalterLinda Lee Walter
Beach Girl
Linda Lee Walter was:
Portrait of James BrewsterJames Brewster
Beach Boy
James Brewster was:
Portrait of Tracie EvansTracie Evans
Street Hooker
Tracie Evans was:
Portrait of Carol HenryCarol Henry
Carol Henry was:
Portrait of Louis JawitzLouis Jawitz
Art Director
Louis Jawitz was:
Portrait of Candace ClementsCandace Clements
First Park Mother
Candace Clements was:
Portrait of Diane SpagnuoloDiane Spagnuolo
Second Park Mother
Diane Spagnuolo was:
Portrait of Kim HudsonKim Hudson
Lobby Hooker
Kim Hudson was:
Portrait of Terry GagnonTerry Gagnon
Woman in Alley
Terry Gagnon was:
Portrait of Joan BaldwinJoan Baldwin
First Model
Joan Baldwin was:
Portrait of Jeni PazJeni Paz
Second Model
Jeni Paz was:
Portrait of Janelle WinstonJanelle Winston
Janelle Winston was:
Portrait of Randy JurgensenRandy Jurgensen
First Cop
Randy Jurgensen was:
Portrait of Jimmy AurichioJimmy Aurichio
Second Cop
Jimmy Aurichio was:
Portrait of Frank PesceFrank Pesce
T.V. Reporter (voice)
Frank Pesce was:
Portrait of Andrew W. GarroniAndrew W. Garroni
Jerry (uncredited)
Andrew W. Garroni was:
Portrait of Taso N. StavrakisTaso N. Stavrakis
Porn-o guy (uncredited)
Taso N. Stavrakis was:
Portrait of William LustigWilliam Lustig
Al - Hotel Manager (uncredited)
William Lustig was:
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