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Poster of Fort Apache, the Bronx

Fort Apache, the Bronx

Release Date: Friday, February 6 1981 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Paul NewmanPaul Newman
Paul Newman was:
Portrait of Ed AsnerEd Asner
Ed Asner was:
Portrait of Ken WahlKen Wahl
Ken Wahl was:
Portrait of Danny AielloDanny Aiello
Danny Aiello was:
Portrait of Rachel TicotinRachel Ticotin
Rachel Ticotin was:
Portrait of Pam GrierPam Grier
Pam Grier was:
Portrait of Kathleen BellerKathleen Beller
Kathleen Beller was:
Portrait of Tito GoyaTito Goya
Jumper / Detective
Tito Goya was:
Portrait of Miguel PiñeroMiguel Piñero
Miguel Piñero was:
Portrait of Jaime TirelliJaime Tirelli
Jaime Tirelli was:
Portrait of Lance GueciaLance Guecia
Track star
Lance Guecia was:
Portrait of Rony ClantonRony Clanton
Rony Clanton was:
Portrait of Clifford DavidClifford David
Clifford David was:
Portrait of Sully BoyarSully Boyar
Sully Boyar was:
Portrait of Michael HigginsMichael Higgins
Michael Higgins was:
Portrait of Irving MetzmanIrving Metzman
Irving Metzman was:
Portrait of Frank AduFrank Adu
Frank Adu was:
Portrait of John AquinoJohn Aquino
John Aquino was:
Portrait of Norman MatlockNorman Matlock
Norman Matlock was:
Portrait of John RingJohn Ring
John Ring was:
Portrait of Tony DiBenedettoTony DiBenedetto
Tony DiBenedetto was:
Portrait of Terence BradyTerence Brady
Cop at Bar
Terence Brady was:
Portrait of Randy JurgensenRandy Jurgensen
Cop at Bar
Randy Jurgensen was:
Portrait of Marvin CohenMarvin Cohen
Cop at Bar
Marvin Cohen was:
Portrait of Paul GleasonPaul Gleason
Paul Gleason was:
Portrait of Reynaldo MedinaReynaldo Medina
Reynaldo Medina was:
Portrait of Daryl EdwardsDaryl Edwards
Black Rookie
Daryl Edwards was:
Portrait of Donald PetrieDonald Petrie
White Rookie
Donald Petrie was:
Portrait of Thomas A. CarlinThomas A. Carlin
Man with Flat Tire
Thomas A. Carlin was:
Portrait of Frederick AllenFrederick Allen
Corelli's Brother
Frederick Allen was:
Portrait of Dominic ChianeseDominic Chianese
Corelli's Father
Dominic Chianese was:
Portrait of Mike CicchettiMike Cicchetti
Wild-Eyed Man
Mike Cicchetti was:
Portrait of Apu GueciaApu Guecia
Stabbed Boy
Apu Guecia was:
Portrait of Kim DelgadoKim Delgado
Suspect #1
Kim Delgado was:
Portrait of ReynoReyno
Suspect #2
Reyno was:
Portrait of Dadi PineroDadi Pinero
Suspect #3
Dadi Pinero was:
Portrait of Cleavant DerricksCleavant Derricks
Suspect #4
Cleavant Derricks was:
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