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Simón, contamos contigo

Simón, contamos contigo

Release Date: 1971-01-01 (51 years ago)
Alfredo Landa
Simón Giménez
Alfredo Landa was:
Ingrid Garbo
Ingrid Garbo was:
Helga Liné
Helga Liné was:
Mary Paz Pondal
Mary Paz Pondal was:
Josele Román
Fina (as María José Román)
Josele Román was:
Licia Calderón
Licia Calderón was:
Mirta Miller
Mirta Miller was:
Rafaela Aparicio
Madre de Fina
Rafaela Aparicio was:
Roberto Camardiel
Don Teófilo
Roberto Camardiel was:
Aurora de Alba
Aurora de Alba was:
Ricardo Garrido
Ricardo Garrido was:
Venancio Muro
Padre de familia pobre
Venancio Muro was:
María Vico
María Vico was:
María Isbert
María Isbert was:
Eduardo Calvo
Eduardo Calvo was:
Goyo Lebrero
Recepcionista Hotel
Goyo Lebrero was:
Luis Barbero
Director de la delegación de la Editorial
Luis Barbero was:
Erasmo Pascual
Don Leandro
Erasmo Pascual was:
Mimí Muñoz
Mimí Muñoz was:
Pilar Gómez Ferrer
Pilar Gómez Ferrer was:
Carmen Martínez Sierra
Carmen Martínez Sierra was:
Ana Farra
Ana Farra was:
Cris Huerta
Director del western
Cris Huerta was:
Xan das Bolas
Xan das Bolas was:
Nuria Gimeno
Nuria Gimeno was:
Helena Fernán Gómez
Helena Fernán Gómez was:
Manuel Peiró
Manuel Peiró was:
Fabián Conde
Fabián Conde was:
Luis Rico
Luis Rico was:
José Luis Lizalde
(as José Luis Zalde)
José Luis Lizalde was:
Pedro Sempson
Don Ramón
Pedro Sempson was:
José Manuel Cervino
José Manuel Cervino was:
Beatriz Savón
Beatriz Savón was:
Kety del Real
Kety del Real was:
Enrique Calvo
Enrique Calvo was:
Ricardo Ojeda
Ricardo Ojeda was:
Ramón Reparaz
Ramón Reparaz was:
José Félix Montoya
José Félix Montoya was:
David Aller
David Aller was:
Nemi Gadalla
Nemi Gadalla was:
Juan Antonio Elices
Juan Antonio Elices was:
Enrique Susian
Enrique Susian was:
Rudy Geber
Rudy Geber was:
Fernando de Alba
Fernando de Alba was:
Juan Antonio Peral
Juan Antonio Peral was:
José Antonio Cuenca
José Antonio Cuenca was:
Rosanna Yanni
Flora Lissi
Rosanna Yanni was:
Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón
Don Fulgencio
Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón was:
Guillermo Montesinos
Guillermo Montesinos was:
Cristina Suriani
Amante de John (uncredited)
Cristina Suriani was:
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