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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

El pico 2

El pico 2

Release Date: 1984-11-09 (37 years ago)
José Luis Manzano
José Luis Manzano was:
Fernando Guillén
Evaristo Torrecuadrada
Fernando Guillén was:
Andrea Albani
Betty (as Lali Espinet)
Andrea Albani was:
Jaume Valls
El Lehendakari
Jaume Valls was:
José Luis Fernández 'Pirri'
El Pirri
José Luis Fernández 'Pirri' was:
Gracita Morales
Gracita Morales was:
Rafaela Aparicio
Rafaela Aparicio was:
Agustín González
Laureano Alonso
Agustín González was:
Valentín Paredes
El Tejas
Valentín Paredes was:
Fermín Cabal
Miguel Caballero
Fermín Cabal was:
Guillermo Montesinos
Tipo del rastro
Guillermo Montesinos was:
Pedro Nieva Parola
Teniente Alcántara
Pedro Nieva Parola was:
Paloma Alaez
Paloma Alaez was:
Tony Valento
Tony Valento was:
Ramón Reparaz
Ramón Reparaz was:
Alfred Lucchetti
Alfred Lucchetti was:
Hilda Fuchs
Hilda Fuchs was:
Manuel Ayuso
Manuel Ayuso was:
Alfonso Godá
Alfonso Godá was:
Luis Romero
Luis Romero was:
Joaquín Carmona
Joaquín Carmona was:
Ángel García
Ángel García was:
Chema Gil
El Chino
Chema Gil was:
Janfri Topera
Janfri Topera was:
Paco Racionero
Paco Racionero was:
José Antonio Rielo
José Antonio Rielo was:
Julio Ruano
Julio Ruano was:
Javier García
Urko (archive footage)
Javier García was:
Marta Molins
Pilar (archive footage)
Marta Molins was:
Ovidi Montllor
El Cojo (archive footage)
Ovidi Montllor was:
Eloy de la Iglesia
Eloy de la Iglesia was:
Gonzalo Goicoechea
Gonzalo Goicoechea was:
Pedro Mari Sánchez
Paco (voice)
Pedro Mari Sánchez was:
José Javier Mangado
José Javier Mangado was:
Antonio Betancourt
Antonio Betancourt was:
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