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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Black Council

The Black Council

Release Date: 2001-03-01 (20 years ago)
Aleksey Petrenko
Bogdan Khmelnitsky
Aleksey Petrenko was:
Bogdan Stupka
Bogdan Stupka was:
Oleksandr Bondarenko
Hetman Somko
Oleksandr Bondarenko was:
Serhiy Romanyuk
Serhiy Romanyuk was:
Bohdan Beniuk
Bohdan Beniuk was:
Ruslana Pysanka
Cherevan's wife
Ruslana Pysanka was:
Radmila Shchogolyeva
Radmila Shchogolyeva was:
Ksenia Kovaliova
Polish princess
Ksenia Kovaliova was:
Stepan Oleksenko
Stepan Oleksenko was:
Mykola Boklan
Kirilo Tur
Mykola Boklan was:
Mykola Oliynyk
Mykola Oliynyk was:
Irina Melnik
Irina Melnik was:
Anatoli Mokrenko
Anatoli Mokrenko was:
Kostyantin Shaforenko
Kostyantin Shaforenko was:
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