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The Reformer – Zwingli: A Life's Portrait

The Reformer – Zwingli: A Life's Portrait

Release Date: 2019-01-17 (2 years ago)
Maximilian Simonischek
Ulrich Zwingli
Maximilian Simonischek was:
Sarah Sophia Meyer
Anna Reinhart
Sarah Sophia Meyer was:
Charlotte Schwab
Charlotte Schwab was:
Anatole Taubman
Leo Jud
Anatole Taubman was:
Stefan Kurt
Mayor Röist
Stefan Kurt was:
Oscar Sales Bingisser
Johann Faber
Oscar Sales Bingisser was:
Andrea Zogg
Andrea Zogg was:
Ueli Jäggi
Bishop of Constance
Ueli Jäggi was:
Rachel Braunschweig
Katharina von Zimmern
Rachel Braunschweig was:
Mathis Künzler
Köbi Kaiseri
Mathis Künzler was:
Michael Finger
Felix Manz
Michael Finger was:
Aaron Hitz
Konrad Grebel
Aaron Hitz was:
Markus Mathis
Markus Mathis was:
Sebastian Krähenbühl
Sebastian Krähenbühl was:
Madeleine Scherrer
Madeleine Scherrer was:
Philipp Stengele
Philipp Stengele was:
Patrick Rapold
Patrick Rapold was:
Pan Aurel Bucher
Pan Aurel Bucher was:
Gian Rupf
Gian Rupf was:
Daniel Mangisch
Daniel Mangisch was:
Oliver Stein
Oliver Stein was:
Lorenz Nufer
Lorenz Nufer was:
Jonathan Loosli
Jonathan Loosli was:
Miriam Japp
Miriam Japp was:
Sonja Riesen
Sonja Riesen was:
Fabienne Hadorn
Fabienne Hadorn was:
Sebastian Henn
Sebastian Henn was:
Elisa Plüss
Elisa Plüss was:
Nils Torpus
Nils Torpus was:
Christof Oswald
Christof Oswald was:
Simon Käser
Simon Käser was:
Emilio Marchisella
Gerold Reinhart
Emilio Marchisella was:
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