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The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch

The Awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch

Release Date: 2018-07-05 (2 years ago)
Noémie Schmidt
Noémie Schmidt was:
Joel Basman
Joel Basman was:
Sunnyi Melles
Mrs. Silberzweig
Sunnyi Melles was:
Udo Samel
Tate Moishe Wolkenbruch
Udo Samel was:
Inge Maux
Mame Judith Wolkenbruch
Inge Maux was:
Alexander Seibt
Alexander Seibt was:
Oriana Schrage
Dana Wolkenbruch
Oriana Schrage was:
Philippe Graber
Philippe Graber was:
Kamil Krejčí
Kamil Krejčí was:
Lena Kalisch
Michèle Blattgrün
Lena Kalisch was:
Rachel Braunschweig
Mrs. Süsskind
Rachel Braunschweig was:
Meytal Gal
Meytal Gal was:
Eli Gorenstein
Rabbi Jonathan
Eli Gorenstein was:
Idit Teperson
Malka, Rabbi's wife
Idit Teperson was:
Andreas Pegler
Sternlicht, opticien
Andreas Pegler was:
Michael Rutman
Mr. Bernstein
Michael Rutman was:
Aaron Arens
Aaron Arens was:
Shelley Kästner
Mrs. Freudenberg
Shelley Kästner was:
Joey Zimmermann
Mr. Süsskind
Joey Zimmermann was:
Friederike Frerichs
Bube Wolkenbruch
Friederike Frerichs was:
Ray Baer
Mrs. Bernstein
Ray Baer was:
Kaspar Weiss
Kaspar Weiss was:
Judith Goldberg
Ruth Wolkenbruch
Judith Goldberg was:
Yotam Korem
Yotam Korem was:
Siegmund Tischendorf
Audi driver
Siegmund Tischendorf was:
Michael von Burg
Schlote Wolkenbruch
Michael von Burg was:
Eylon Kindler
Rabbi Wolf
Eylon Kindler was:
Lea Whitcher
Bracha Freudenberg
Lea Whitcher was:
Oliver Rickenbacher
David Wolkenbruch
Oliver Rickenbacher was:
Thomas Meyer
Jitzhak Satyananda
Thomas Meyer was:
Brenna Larsen
Bracha (english voice)
Brenna Larsen was:
Kay Kysela
Wanda's boyfriend (uncredited)
Kay Kysela was:
Anina Mutter
Nurse (uncredited)
Anina Mutter was:
Tatjana Ochsner
Student (uncredited)
Tatjana Ochsner was:
Jessica Oswald
Wanda (uncredited)
Jessica Oswald was:
Zoe Simijonovic
Receptionist (uncredited)
Zoe Simijonovic was:
Thomas Städeli
Doctor on maternity ward (uncredited)
Thomas Städeli was:
Klemens Niklaus Trenkle
Jewish man (uncredited)
Klemens Niklaus Trenkle was:
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