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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud

Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud

Release Date: Monday, February 5 2007 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Lance HenriksenLance Henriksen
Ed Harley
Lance Henriksen was:
Portrait of Amy MansonAmy Manson
Jodie Hatfield
Amy Manson was:
Portrait of Rob FreemanRob Freeman
Sheriff Dallas Pope
Rob Freeman was:
Portrait of Ovidiu NiculescuOvidiu Niculescu
Bobby Joe Hatfield
Ovidiu Niculescu was:
Portrait of Claire LamsClaire Lams
Dolly Hatfield
Claire Lams was:
Portrait of Bradley TaylorBradley Taylor
Ricky McCoy
Bradley Taylor was:
Portrait of Peter BarnesPeter Barnes
Papa McCoy
Peter Barnes was:
Portrait of Elvin DandelElvin Dandel
Tristan McCoy
Elvin Dandel was:
Portrait of Bob GunterBob Gunter
Bob Gunter was:
Portrait of Richard DurdenRichard Durden
Old Man Hatfield
Richard Durden was:
Portrait of Alin ConstantinescuAlin Constantinescu
Emmett Hatfield
Alin Constantinescu was:
Portrait of Răzvan OpreaRăzvan Oprea
Brett Hatfield
Răzvan Oprea was:
Portrait of Rudy RosenfeldRudy Rosenfeld
Abner Hatfield
Rudy Rosenfeld was:
Portrait of Lynne VerrallLynne Verrall
Lynne Verrall was:
Portrait of Călin PuiaCălin Puia
Tommy Hatfield
Călin Puia was:
Portrait of Elias FerkinElias Ferkin
Billy Bob Hatfield
Elias Ferkin was:
Portrait of Iulia BoroșIulia Boroș
Mama McCoy
Iulia Boroș was:
Portrait of Maria RomanMaria Roman
Sara McCoy
Maria Roman was:
Portrait of Bart SidlesBart Sidles
Andy Mills
Bart Sidles was:
Portrait of Alexandru GeoanaAlexandru Geoana
Town Boy #1
Alexandru Geoana was:
Portrait of Daniel TomescuDaniel Tomescu
Dale Hatfield
Daniel Tomescu was:
Portrait of Dicu MarianDicu Marian
Wayne Hatfield
Dicu Marian was:
Portrait of Ion CarangeaIon Carangea
Jimmy Langford
Ion Carangea was:
Portrait of Vasilescu ValentinVasilescu Valentin
McCoy Boy #2
Vasilescu Valentin was:
Portrait of Catalina AlexandruCatalina Alexandru
Young McCoy Girl #2
Catalina Alexandru was:
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