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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2016-04-07 (5 years ago)
Ryan Reynolds
Bill Pope
Ryan Reynolds was:
Kevin Costner
Jericho Stewart
Kevin Costner was:
Gary Oldman
Quaker Wells
Gary Oldman was:
Tommy Lee Jones
Dr. Franks
Tommy Lee Jones was:
Gal Gadot
Jill Pope
Gal Gadot was:
Alice Eve
Marta Lynch
Alice Eve was:
Michael Pitt
Jan Stroop - The Dutchman
Michael Pitt was:
Jordi Mollà
Xavier Heimdahl
Jordi Mollà was:
Antje Traue
Elsa Mueller
Antje Traue was:
Scott Adkins
Pete Greensleeves
Scott Adkins was:
Amaury Nolasco
Esteban Ruiza
Amaury Nolasco was:
Danny Webb
Lewis Deane
Danny Webb was:
Colin Salmon
Colin Salmon was:
Lara Decaro
Emma Pope
Lara Decaro was:
Freddy Bosche
CIA Agent Pfeffer
Freddy Bosche was:
Emmanuel Imani
CIA Agent #2
Emmanuel Imani was:
Harry Hepple
CIA Tech
Harry Hepple was:
Doug Cockle
Extraction Team Leader
Doug Cockle was:
Steve Nicolson
SSBN Captain
Steve Nicolson was:
Sope Dirisu
SSBN Fire & Control
Sope Dirisu was:
Gisella Marengo
Luggage Shop Saleswoman
Gisella Marengo was:
Mark Kempner
Black Cab Driver
Mark Kempner was:
Michael Bodie
CIA Officer Laundry Team
Michael Bodie was:
Joshua James
Joshua James was:
Samantha Coughlan
Navy Officer
Samantha Coughlan was:
David Avery
Kebab Clerk
David Avery was:
Joe Fidler
Radio Man Fred Bosh
Joe Fidler was:
Michael Webber
Michael Webber was:
Katharine Gwen
Katharine Gwen was:
Richard Reid
James Osborne
Richard Reid was:
Kelly Clare
Kelly Clare was:
Joanna Brookes
Joanna Brookes was:
Matthew Steer
Library Patron
Matthew Steer was:
Andrew Byron
Russian Sentry
Andrew Byron was:
Elizabeth Ross
Mrs. Franks
Elizabeth Ross was:
James Richard Marshall
Heimdahl's Guard
James Richard Marshall was:
Henry Garrett
Air Force Technician
Henry Garrett was:
Tim Woodward
Roderick Armstrong
Tim Woodward was:
Lotte Spring Rice
Lotte Spring Rice was:
Nathan Osgood
Professor Callowell
Nathan Osgood was:
Sarah Middleton
Sarah Middleton was:
Dragos Savulescu
Dragos Savulescu was:
Tamer Doghem
Kebab Cook
Tamer Doghem was:
Priyanga Burford
Priyanga Burford was:
Diana Dimitrovici
Very Attractive Nurse
Diana Dimitrovici was:
Amina Zia
Indian Woman
Amina Zia was:
Rio Fredrika Debolla
Redhead Girl
Rio Fredrika Debolla was:
Steven Brand
News Anchor
Steven Brand was:
Natalie Marie Ames
Female News Anchor
Natalie Marie Ames was:
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan was:
Luca Giorgio Maggiora
Kebab Hooligan #1
Luca Giorgio Maggiora was:
Mark Rhino Smith
Kebab Hooligan #2
Mark Rhino Smith was:
Louis Tamone
MI-5 Officer
Louis Tamone was:
Sophie Ross
CIA Tech #2
Sophie Ross was:
Samuel Turner O'Toole
Young Kid
Samuel Turner O'Toole was:
Mark Underwood
Heimdahl's Man
Mark Underwood was:
Ian Burfield
Fisherman / Father
Ian Burfield was:
Natalie Burn
Shoo shoo (uncredited)
Natalie Burn was:
Jamie B. Chambers
CIA Laundry Team (uncredited)
Jamie B. Chambers was:
Michael Chapman
Cafe Customer (uncredited)
Michael Chapman was:
Anastasia Harrold
MI-5 Agent (uncredited)
Anastasia Harrold was:
Daniel Westwood
Action Man on Bus (uncredited)
Daniel Westwood was:
Robert Davi
Admiral Lance (uncredited)
Robert Davi was:
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