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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Beloved Brat

The Beloved Brat

Release Date: 1938-04-30 (82 years ago)
Bonita Granville
Roberta Morgan
Bonita Granville was:
Dolores Costello
Helen Cosgrove
Dolores Costello was:
Donald Crisp
Mr. Morgan
Donald Crisp was:
Natalie Moorhead
Mrs. Morgan
Natalie Moorhead was:
Lucile Gleason
Miss Brewster
Lucile Gleason was:
Donald Briggs
Donald Briggs was:
Emmett Vogan
Emmett Vogan was:
Loia Cheaney
Mrs. Cheaney
Loia Cheaney was:
Leo Gorcey
Spike Matz
Leo Gorcey was:
Bernice Pilot
Mrs. White
Bernice Pilot was:
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard
Pinkie White
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard was:
Ellen Lowe
Ellen Lowe was:
Mary Doyle
Miss Mitchell
Mary Doyle was:
Paul Everton
Judge Harris
Paul Everton was:
Meredith White
Arabella White
Meredith White was:
Gloria Fisher
Gloria Fisher was:
Jessie Arnold
Jessie Arnold was:
Mary Avery
Mary Avery was:
Louise Bates
Mrs. Morgan's Guest
Louise Bates was:
Doris Brent
Jackie the Girl Getting Cereal in Face
Doris Brent was:
Glen Cavender
Glen Cavender was:
Betty Compson
Eleanor Sparks
Betty Compson was:
Al Duvall
First Cab Driver
Al Duvall was:
Sarah Edwards
School Board Member Miss Brundage
Sarah Edwards was:
Jesse Graves
Butler at Party
Jesse Graves was:
John Harron
Second Cab Driver
John Harron was:
Gordon Hart
Trial Judge
Gordon Hart was:
Carmencita Johnson
Carmencita Johnson was:
Isabel La Mal
Isabel La Mal was:
Priscilla Lyon
Short Schoolgirl Sylvia
Priscilla Lyon was:
Patsy Mitchell
Betty Mae
Patsy Mitchell was:
Jack Mower
Jack Mower was:
Evelyn Mulhall
Evelyn Mulhall was:
Ottola Nesmith
Mrs. Higgins
Ottola Nesmith was:
Maybelle Palmer
Maybelle Palmer was:
Cliff Saum
Cliff Saum was:
Monte Vandergrift
Police Officer
Monte Vandergrift was:
Lottie Williams
Aunt Martha's Maid Marie
Lottie Williams was:
Victor Wong
Victor Wong was:
Douglas Wood
Mr. Butler
Douglas Wood was:
William Worthington
Dr. Reynolds
William Worthington was:
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