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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Love Is on the Air

Love Is on the Air

Release Date: 1937-10-02 (83 years ago)
Ronald Reagan
Andy McCaine
Ronald Reagan was:
June Travis
Jo Hopkins
June Travis was:
Eddie Acuff
'Dunk' Glover
Eddie Acuff was:
Ben Welden
'Nicey' Ferguson
Ben Welden was:
Robert Barrat
J.D. Harrington
Robert Barrat was:
Addison Richards
E.E. Nichols
Addison Richards was:
Raymond Hatton
Raymond Hatton was:
Tommy Bupp
Tommy Bupp was:
Dickie Jones
Bill - Mouse's Friend
Dickie Jones was:
Willard Parker
Les Quimby
Willard Parker was:
William Hopper
Eddie Gould
William Hopper was:
Spec O'Donnell
Spec O'Donnell was:
Herbert Rawlinson
Mr. George Copelin
Herbert Rawlinson was:
Mary Hart
Mrs. George Copelin
Mary Hart was:
Jack Mower
Police Captain Lang
Jack Mower was:
Harry Hayden
Mr. Butler
Harry Hayden was:
Fern Barry
KDTS Employee
Fern Barry was:
Georgie Billings
Peewee - Boxer
Georgie Billings was:
Sonny Bupp
Billie - Boy on Radio Program
Sonny Bupp was:
Glen Cavender
Second 7-11 Club Waiter
Glen Cavender was:
Alan Davis
Second Henchman
Alan Davis was:
Margaret Davis
Fudge Girl
Margaret Davis was:
Don Deering
Don Deering was:
John Dilson
Meeting Chairman
John Dilson was:
Marianne Edwards
Barbara - Girl on Radio Program
Marianne Edwards was:
John Elliott
Mr. Grant McKenzie
John Elliott was:
Henry Hanna
Tiger - Boxer
Henry Hanna was:
Anne Howard
Brunette Girl Rooting for Curly
Anne Howard was:
Priscilla Lyon
Blonde Girl Rooting for Skinny
Priscilla Lyon was:
Frank Mayo
Businessman at Meeting
Frank Mayo was:
Ray Nichols
Ray Nichols was:
Julia Perkins
KDTS Employee
Julia Perkins was:
Johnnie Pirrone Jr.
Curly Barker
Johnnie Pirrone Jr. was:
John J. Richardson
Joe - First 7-11 Club Waiter
John J. Richardson was:
Cliff Saum
Cliff Saum was:
Lee Shumway
Lee Shumway was:
Edwin Stanley
Mr. Brown - KDTS Lawyer
Edwin Stanley was:
Elliott Sullivan
First Henchman
Elliott Sullivan was:
Jerry Tucker
Youngster Rooting for Tiger
Jerry Tucker was:
Billy Wayne
Danny Malone
Billy Wayne was:
Jack Wise
KDTS Employee
Jack Wise was:
Johnnie Morris
Johnnie Morris was:
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