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Draegerman Courage

Draegerman Courage

Release Date: 1937-05-15 (83 years ago)
Jean Muir
Ellen Haslett
Jean Muir was:
Barton MacLane
Andrew Beaupre
Barton MacLane was:
Henry O'Neill
Dr. Thomas Haslett
Henry O'Neill was:
Robert Barrat
Martin Crane
Robert Barrat was:
Addison Richards
John McNally
Addison Richards was:
Helen MacKellar
Mrs. Mary Haslett
Helen MacKellar was:
Gordon Oliver
Pete Lawson
Gordon Oliver was:
Joseph Crehan
Dr. Stuart Hunter
Joseph Crehan was:
Priscilla Lyon
Suzanne Haslett
Priscilla Lyon was:
Walter Miller
Walter Miller was:
Herbert Heywood
Herbert Heywood was:
Ben Hendricks Jr.
Captain Harper
Ben Hendricks Jr. was:
Tom Browner
Newspaper Reader (uncredited)
Tom Browner was:
Eddy Chandler
Driller (uncredited)
Eddy Chandler was:
Neal Dodd
Priest (uncredited)
Neal Dodd was:
Sam Hayes
Radio Announcer (uncredited)
Sam Hayes was:
Henry Otho
Gene - Rescue Worker (uncredited)
Henry Otho was:
Paul Panzer
Pierre - Man Carrying Injured Suzy (uncredited)
Paul Panzer was:
Russ Powell
Toby - the Bartender (uncredited)
Russ Powell was:
Dick Purcell
Trapped Draegerman (uncredited)
Dick Purcell was:
John J. Richardson
Jack - Pete's Co-Worker (uncredited)
John J. Richardson was:
Myrtle Stedman
Nurse (uncredited)
Myrtle Stedman was:
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