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Cabaret Balkan

Cabaret Balkan

Release Date: 1998-08-01 (23 years ago)
Aleksandar Berček
Dimitri, the Crippled Ex-Cop from the Local Cafe
Aleksandar Berček was:
Vojislav Brajović
Topi, the Ex-Student Revolutionary Trafficker
Vojislav Brajović was:
Bogdan Diklić
Jovan, the VW Driver
Bogdan Diklić was:
Nebojša Glogovac
The Chain-Smoking Taxi Driver
Nebojša Glogovac was:
Mirjana Joković
Ana, the 'Flirt' on the Bus, George's Girlfriend
Mirjana Joković was:
Mirjana Karanović
Natalia, Mane's Ex-Fiancee
Mirjana Karanović was:
Miki Manojlović
Mane (Michael), the Homecoming Man
Miki Manojlović was:
Toni Mihajlovski
George, the Eternal Culprit, Ana's Boyfriend
Toni Mihajlovski was:
Nebojša Milovanović
The Bosnian Serb Son Who Doesn't Want to End Up Like His Father
Nebojša Milovanović was:
Dragan Nikolić
Jovan's Boxer Friend
Dragan Nikolić was:
Lazar Ristovski
The Boxer Who Takes the Train
Lazar Ristovski was:
Nikola Ristanovski
Boris, the Esoteric Cabaret Artist
Nikola Ristanovski was:
Ana Sofrenović
The Desperate Young Woman on the Train
Ana Sofrenović was:
Sergej Trifunović
The Young Man Chewing Gum Who Takes the Bus Hostage
Sergej Trifunović was:
Marko Urošević
Alex, the 'Reckless' Young Driver
Marko Urošević was:
Danilo "Bata" Stojković
Viktor, Alex's Father
Danilo "Bata" Stojković was:
Josif Tatić
Josif Tatić was:
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic
The Bosnian Serb Father, the Bus Driver
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic was:
Mira Banjac
The Bosnian Serb Mother
Mira Banjac was:
Ivan Bekjarev
The Man on the Bus Who Thinks He's Tough
Ivan Bekjarev was:
Azra Čengić
The Wife of the Bus Man Who Thinks He's Tough
Azra Čengić was:
Milena Dravić
The Lady on the Bus with the Hat and Fox Stole
Milena Dravić was:
Ljuba Tadić
The Orchestra Conductor Who Performs with Feeling
Ljuba Tadić was:
Dragan Jovanović
Kosta, the Man with the Oar, Natalia's New Boyfriend
Dragan Jovanović was:
Predrag Tasovac
The Old Man
Predrag Tasovac was:
Yulius Zagoni
Yulius Zagoni was:
Danièle D'Antoni
Danièle D'Antoni was:
Melita Bihali
Melita Bihali was:
Mirsad Čagral
Mirsad Čagral was:
Ranko Gučevac
Ranko Gučevac was:
Dimitrije Ilić
Dimitrije Ilić was:
Guy Jacques
Guy Jacques was:
Marko Jeremić
Marko Jeremić was:
Momčilo Jovanović
Momčilo Jovanović was:
Hana Jovčić
Hana Jovčić was:
Jelena Jovičić
Jelena Jovičić was:
Serdar Kazak
Serdar Kazak was:
Predrag Kolarević
Predrag Kolarević was:
Dijana Marojević
Dijana Marojević was:
Ratko Miletić
Ratko Miletić was:
Zoran Miljković
Zoran Miljković was:
Igor Pervić
Igor Pervić was:
Dušan Prolušić
Dušan Prolušić was:
Ras Rastoder
Ras Rastoder was:
Borislav Stojanović
Borislav Stojanović was:
Branislav Stojanović
Branislav Stojanović was:
Vuk Tošković
Vuk Tošković was:
Slađana Vlajović
Slađana Vlajović was:
Olivera Viktorović
Olivera Viktorović was:
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