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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2019-12-25 (2 years ago)
George MacKay
Lance Corporal Schofield
George MacKay was:
Dean-Charles Chapman
Lance Corporal Blake
Dean-Charles Chapman was:
Mark Strong
Captain Smith
Mark Strong was:
Andrew Scott
Lieutenant Leslie
Andrew Scott was:
Richard Madden
Lieutenant Blake
Richard Madden was:
Claire Duburcq
Claire Duburcq was:
Colin Firth
General Erinmore
Colin Firth was:
Benedict Cumberbatch
Colonel MacKenzie
Benedict Cumberbatch was:
Daniel Mays
Sergeant Sanders
Daniel Mays was:
Adrian Scarborough
Major Hepburn
Adrian Scarborough was:
Chris Walley
Private Bullen
Chris Walley was:
Nabhaan Rizwan
Sepoy Jondalar
Nabhaan Rizwan was:
Jamie Parker
Lieutenant Richards
Jamie Parker was:
Tommy French
Private Butler
Tommy French was:
Paul Tinto
NCO Baker
Paul Tinto was:
Billy Postlethwaite
NCO Harvey
Billy Postlethwaite was:
Richard McCabe
Colonel Collins
Richard McCabe was:
Justin Edwards
Captain Ivins
Justin Edwards was:
Jonny Lavelle
Orderly Byrne
Jonny Lavelle was:
Gabriel Akuwudike
Private Buchanan
Gabriel Akuwudike was:
Pip Carter
Lieutenant Gordon
Pip Carter was:
Michael Jibson
Lieutenant Hutton
Michael Jibson was:
Andy Apollo
Sergeant Miller
Andy Apollo was:
Josef Davies
Private Stokes
Josef Davies was:
Spike Leighton
Private Kilgour
Spike Leighton was:
Robert Maaser
German Pilot
Robert Maaser was:
Gerran Howell
Private Parry
Gerran Howell was:
Adam Hugill
Private Atkins
Adam Hugill was:
Benjamin Adams
Sergeant Harrop
Benjamin Adams was:
Anson Boon
Private Cooke
Anson Boon was:
Kenny Fullwood
Private Rossi
Kenny Fullwood was:
Ryan Nolan
Private Malky
Ryan Nolan was:
Elliot Baxter
Private Singer
Elliot Baxter was:
Bogdan Kumshatsky
German Sniper
Bogdan Kumshatsky was:
Kye Mckee
German Soldier
Kye Mckee was:
Ivy-I Macnamara
French Baby
Ivy-I Macnamara was:
Merlin Leonhardt
Soldat Muller
Merlin Leonhardt was:
Taddeo Kufus
Soldat Baumer
Taddeo Kufus was:
Jos Slovick
Wayfaring Stranger Soldier
Jos Slovick was:
Luke Hornsby
Private Pinewood
Luke Hornsby was:
Jack Shalloo
Private Seymour
Jack Shalloo was:
Elliot Edusah
Private Grey
Elliot Edusah was:
Joe Mendes
Private Willock
Joe Mendes was:
Jacob James Beswick
Lance Corporal Duff
Jacob James Beswick was:
Ian Wilson
Sergeant Wright
Ian Wilson was:
Bradley Connor
Sergeant Gardner
Bradley Connor was:
John Hollingworth
Sergeant Guthrie
John Hollingworth was:
Daniel Attwell
Captain Sandbach
Daniel Attwell was:
Samson Cox-Vinell
Orderly Dixon
Samson Cox-Vinell was:
Richard Dempsey
Mackenzie Officer
Richard Dempsey was:
Phil Cheadle
Mackenzie Officer
Phil Cheadle was:
Jonah Russell
Captain Morahan
Jonah Russell was:
Michael Rouse
Captain Rylands
Michael Rouse was:
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