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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Release Date: 1962-10-31 (58 years ago)
Bette Davis
Baby Jane Hudson
Bette Davis was:
Joan Crawford
Blanche Hudson
Joan Crawford was:
Victor Buono
Edwin Flagg
Victor Buono was:
Wesley Addy
Marty McDonald
Wesley Addy was:
Julie Allred
Baby Jane Hudson in 1917
Julie Allred was:
Anne Barton
Cora Hudson
Anne Barton was:
Marjorie Bennett
Dehlia Flagg
Marjorie Bennett was:
Bert Freed
Ben Golden
Bert Freed was:
Anna Lee
Mrs. Bates
Anna Lee was:
Maidie Norman
Elvira Stitt
Maidie Norman was:
Dave Willock
Ray Hudson
Dave Willock was:
William Aldrich
Lunch Counter Assistant at Beach
William Aldrich was:
Russ Conway
Police Officer
Russ Conway was:
Maxine Cooper
Bank Teller
Maxine Cooper was:
Robert Cornthwaite
Dr. Shelby
Robert Cornthwaite was:
Michael Fox
Man in Television Commercial
Michael Fox was:
Gina Gillespie
Blanche Hudson in 1917
Gina Gillespie was:
Barbara Merrill
Liza Bates
Barbara Merrill was:
Don Ross
Police Officer
Don Ross was:
James Seay
Police Officer
James Seay was:
John Shay
Police Officer
John Shay was:
Jon Shepodd
Police Officer
Jon Shepodd was:
Peter Virgo
Police Officer
Peter Virgo was:
Bobs Watson
Clerk in Newspaper Classified Ad Department
Bobs Watson was:
Debbie Burton
Singing Voice (voice)
Debbie Burton was:
Murray Alper
Projectionist (uncredited)
Murray Alper was:
Ernest Anderson
Ernie, Ice Cream Vendor at Beach (uncredited)
Ernest Anderson was:
Steve Condit
Boy in Audience (uncredited)
Steve Condit was:
Dorothea Lord
Nurse (uncredited)
Dorothea Lord was:
Norman Papson
Beach Boy (uncredited)
Norman Papson was:
Mike Ragan
Police Officer (uncredited)
Mike Ragan was:
Sammy Shack
Theatre Patron (uncredited)
Sammy Shack was:
Michael St. Angel
Bank Manager (uncredited)
Michael St. Angel was:
Jack Tornek
Man Buying Newspaper (uncredited)
Jack Tornek was:
Ralph Volkie
Assistant Projectionist (uncredited)
Ralph Volkie was:
Robert Perry
Dancer (uncredited)
Robert Perry was:
Bill Walker
Deliveryman (uncredited)
Bill Walker was:
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