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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

My Six Convicts

My Six Convicts

Release Date: 1952-03-20 (69 years ago)
Millard Mitchell
James T. Connie
Millard Mitchell was:
Gilbert Roland
Punch Pinero
Gilbert Roland was:
John Beal
Dr. Wilson aka Doc
John Beal was:
Marshall Thompson
Blivens Scott
Marshall Thompson was:
Alf Kjellin
Clem Randall
Alf Kjellin was:
Harry Morgan
Harry Morgan was:
Jay Adler
Steve Kopac
Jay Adler was:
Regis Toomey
Dr. Gordon
Regis Toomey was:
Fay Roope
Warden George Potter
Fay Roope was:
Carleton Young
Captain Haggarty
Carleton Young was:
John Marley
Knotty Johnson
John Marley was:
Russ Conway
Dr. Hughes
Russ Conway was:
Byron Foulger
Dr. Brint, Dentist
Byron Foulger was:
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson was:
Jack Carr
Harry Higgins
Jack Carr was:
Joe Haworth
Convict 9670
Joe Haworth was:
Dan Jackson
Convict 1538
Dan Jackson was:
Chester Jones
Convict 7546
Chester Jones was:
Frank Mitchell
Convict 3007
Frank Mitchell was:
Vincent Renno
Convict 9919
Vincent Renno was:
Paul Hoffman
Paul Hoffman was:
Allen Mathews
Allen Mathews was:
George Eldredge
George Eldredge was:
Dick Cogan
Dick Cogan was:
Peter Virgo
Peter Virgo was:
George Stern
George Stern was:
Joe Palma
Convict Driver
Joe Palma was:
Fred Kelsey
Store Detective
Fred Kelsey was:
Grace Lenard
Grace Lenard was:
Joe McTurk
Big Benny
Joe McTurk was:
Shirley Mills
Blonde Tilly
Shirley Mills was:
John Monaghan
Test Guard
John Monaghan was:
Dick Curtis
Dick Curtis was:
Billy Nelson
Billy Nelson was:
Eddie Parker
Guard on Dump Truck
Eddie Parker was:
Barney Phillips
Baker Foreman
Barney Phillips was:
Carol Savage
Mrs. Randall
Carol Savage was:
Harry Stanton
Harry Stanton was:
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan was:
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