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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Young Shoulders

Young Shoulders

Release Date: Tuesday, February 14 1984 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Andrew GrovesAndrew Groves
Paul Waterford
Andrew Groves was:
Portrait of David HorovitchDavid Horovitch
Ben Waterford
David Horovitch was:
Portrait of Jennifer PierceyJennifer Piercey
Martha Waterford
Jennifer Piercey was:
Portrait of Jemima LaingJemima Laing
Jemima Laing was:
Portrait of Ian CollierIan Collier
Gerald Cunningham
Ian Collier was:
Portrait of Meg DaviesMeg Davies
Mrs. Davey
Meg Davies was:
Portrait of Davyd HarriesDavyd Harries
Mr. Smithson
Davyd Harries was:
Portrait of Penelope LeePenelope Lee
Mrs. Smithson
Penelope Lee was:
Portrait of Ian LindsayIan Lindsay
Mr. Finlayson
Ian Lindsay was:
Portrait of Brenda DowsettBrenda Dowsett
Mrs. Finlayson
Brenda Dowsett was:
Portrait of Petra MarkhamPetra Markham
Mrs. Richardson
Petra Markham was:
Portrait of Lucinda CurtisLucinda Curtis
Mrs. Jessop
Lucinda Curtis was:
Portrait of Stephen ChurchettStephen Churchett
Mr. Jessop
Stephen Churchett was:
Portrait of Joan MathesonJoan Matheson
Mrs. Knight
Joan Matheson was:
Portrait of T.R. BowenT.R. Bowen
Mr. Fawkes
T.R. Bowen was:
Portrait of Ross DavidsonRoss Davidson
Tour official
Ross Davidson was:
Portrait of Bob CartlandBob Cartland
The Rev Holmes
Bob Cartland was:
Portrait of Oscar PetersOscar Peters
Oscar Peters was:
Portrait of Denise WareDenise Ware
Night-club performer
Denise Ware was:
Portrait of Roberta FoxRoberta Fox
Roberta Fox was:
Portrait of Adrian JusteAdrian Juste
Disc jockey
Adrian Juste was:
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