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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Big Job

The Big Job

Release Date: Friday, January 1 1964 (58 years ago)
Portrait of Sid JamesSid James
George Brain
Sid James was:
Portrait of Sylvia SymsSylvia Syms
Myrtle Robbins
Sylvia Syms was:
Portrait of Dick EmeryDick Emery
Frederick 'Booky' Binns
Dick Emery was:
Portrait of Joan SimsJoan Sims
Mildred Gamely
Joan Sims was:
Portrait of Lance PercivalLance Percival
Timothy 'Dipper' Day
Lance Percival was:
Portrait of Jim DaleJim Dale
Jim Dale was:
Portrait of Edina RonayEdina Ronay
Sally Gamely
Edina Ronay was:
Portrait of Deryck GuylerDeryck Guyler
Police Sergeant
Deryck Guyler was:
Portrait of Reginald BeckwithReginald Beckwith
Register Office Official
Reginald Beckwith was:
Portrait of Brian RawlinsonBrian Rawlinson
Henry Blobbitt
Brian Rawlinson was:
Portrait of David HorneDavid Horne
David Horne was:
Portrait of Frank ForsythFrank Forsyth
Bank Cashier
Frank Forsyth was:
Portrait of Frank ThorntonFrank Thornton
Bank Official
Frank Thornton was:
Portrait of Wanda VenthamWanda Ventham
Dot Franklin
Wanda Ventham was:
Portrait of Michael WardMichael Ward
Michael Ward was:
Portrait of Peter JessonPeter Jesson
Peter Jesson was:
Portrait of Michael GrahamMichael Graham
Boy on Bench
Michael Graham was:
Portrait of Penelope LeePenelope Lee
Girl on Bench
Penelope Lee was:
Portrait of Fred GriffithsFred Griffiths
Fred Griffiths was:
Portrait of Gertan KlauberGertan Klauber
Gertan Klauber was:
Portrait of Patrick AllenPatrick Allen
Patrick Allen was:
Portrait of Billy CorneliusBilly Cornelius
Billy Cornelius was:
Portrait of George HilsdonGeorge Hilsdon
Member of Police Choir
George Hilsdon was:
Portrait of Reg ThomasonReg Thomason
Member of Police Choir
Reg Thomason was:
Portrait of Joe WadhamJoe Wadham
Joe Wadham was:
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