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Hell Drivers

Hell Drivers

Release Date: 1957-07-23 (63 years ago)
Stanley Baker
Tom Yately
Stanley Baker was:
Herbert Lom
Gino Rossi
Herbert Lom was:
Peggy Cummins
Lucy, Hawlett Trucking Secretary
Peggy Cummins was:
Patrick McGoohan
C. 'Red' Redman
Patrick McGoohan was:
William Hartnell
Cartley, Hawlett Manager
William Hartnell was:
Wilfrid Lawson
Ed, Hawlett Mechanic
Wilfrid Lawson was:
Sid James
Dusty, Truck Driver
Sid James was:
Jill Ireland
Jill, Pull In Waitress
Jill Ireland was:
Alfie Bass
Tinker, Truck Driver
Alfie Bass was:
Gordon Jackson
Gordon Jackson was:
David McCallum
Jimmy Yately, Tom's brother
David McCallum was:
Sean Connery
Johnny Kates
Sean Connery was:
Marjorie Rhodes
Ma West
Marjorie Rhodes was:
Vera Day
Blonde at Dance
Vera Day was:
Marianne Stone
Marianne Stone was:
Wensley Pithey
Wensley Pithey was:
Beatrice Varley
Tom's Mother
Beatrice Varley was:
John Horsley
Doctor attending Gino
John Horsley was:
Ronald Clarke
Barber Joe
Ronald Clarke was:
George Murcell
George Murcell was:
Robin Bailey
Hawlett Assistant Manager
Robin Bailey was:
Jerry Stovin
Chick Keithley
Jerry Stovin was:
Marianne Stone
Nurse attending Gino
Marianne Stone was:
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