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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy

Release Date: 1950-01-20 (71 years ago)
Peggy Cummins
Annie Laurie Starr
Peggy Cummins was:
John Dall
Bart Tare
John Dall was:
Berry Kroeger
Berry Kroeger was:
Morris Carnovsky
Judge Willoughby
Morris Carnovsky was:
Anabel Shaw
Ruby Tare
Anabel Shaw was:
Harry Lewis
Sheriff Clyde Boston
Harry Lewis was:
Nedrick Young
Dave Allister
Nedrick Young was:
Trevor Bardette
Sheriff Boston
Trevor Bardette was:
Mickey Little
Bart Tare (age 7)
Mickey Little was:
Russ Tamblyn
Bart Tare (age 14)
Russ Tamblyn was:
Paul Frison
Clyde Boston (age 14)
Paul Frison was:
David Bair
Dave Allister (age 7)
David Bair was:
Stanley Prager
Stanley Prager was:
Virginia Farmer
Miss Wynn
Virginia Farmer was:
Anne O'Neal
Miss Augustine Sifert
Anne O'Neal was:
Frances Irvin
Danceland Singer
Frances Irvin was:
Robert Osterloh
Hampton Policeman
Robert Osterloh was:
Shimen Ruskin
Can Driver
Shimen Ruskin was:
Harry Hayden
Mr. Mallenberg
Harry Hayden was:
Alex Ball
Dance Hall Patron (uncredited)
Alex Ball was:
Tony Barr
Proprietor / Diner Cook (uncredited)
Tony Barr was:
Don Beddoe
Chicago Man (uncredited)
Don Beddoe was:
Joseph Crehan
Plant Foreman (uncredited)
Joseph Crehan was:
Eddie Dunn
State Policeman on Phone (uncredited)
Eddie Dunn was:
Dick Elliott
Man Fleeing Robbed Market (uncredited)
Dick Elliott was:
Ross Elliott
Detective (uncredited)
Ross Elliott was:
Franklyn Farnum
Cashier (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum was:
Pat Gleason
Carnival Barker (uncredited)
Pat Gleason was:
James Gonzalez
Dance Hall Patron (uncredited)
James Gonzalez was:
Arthur Hecht
Ira Flagler (uncredited)
Arthur Hecht was:
George Lynn
Holdup Victim (uncredited)
George Lynn was:
Ernesto Molinari
Dance Hall Patron (uncredited)
Ernesto Molinari was:
William J. O'Brien
Customer at Sharpshooting Act (uncredited)
William J. O'Brien was:
Monty O'Grady
Dance Hall Patron (uncredited)
Monty O'Grady was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Court Clerk (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Ray Teal
California Border Inspector (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Dale van Sickel
Meat Plant Guard (uncredited)
Dale van Sickel was:
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