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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

English Without Tears

English Without Tears

Release Date: 1944-07-28 (76 years ago)
Michael Wilding
Tom Gilbey
Michael Wilding was:
Penelope Dudley-Ward
Joan Heseltine
Penelope Dudley-Ward was:
Lilli Palmer
Brigid Knudsen
Lilli Palmer was:
Claude Dauphin
François de Freycinet
Claude Dauphin was:
Albert Lieven
Felix Dembowski
Albert Lieven was:
Peggy Cummins
Bobbie Heseltine
Peggy Cummins was:
Margaret Rutherford
Lady Christabel Beauclerk
Margaret Rutherford was:
Martin Miller
Martin Miller was:
Paul Demel
M. Saladoff
Paul Demel was:
Beryl Measor
Miss Faljambe
Beryl Measor was:
Guy Middleton
Captain Standish
Guy Middleton was:
Roland Culver
Sir Cosmo Brandon
Roland Culver was:
Ivor Barnard
Mr. Quiel
Ivor Barnard was:
Paul Bonifas
Monsieur Rolland
Paul Bonifas was:
Esma Cannon
Esma Cannon was:
Judith Furse
Elise Batter-Jones
Judith Furse was:
Cecil Bevan
Mr. Jordan
Cecil Bevan was:
Felix Aylmer
Mr. Spaggot
Felix Aylmer was:
Gordon Begg
Grandfather Gilbey
Gordon Begg was:
Gerard Heinz
Polish Officer
Gerard Heinz was:
André Randall
Dutch Officer
André Randall was:
Johnnie Schofield
Police Sergeant
Johnnie Schofield was:
Vida Hope
An A.T.
Vida Hope was:
Andreas Malandrinos
Man in Gallery
Andreas Malandrinos was:
Maggie Rennie
Glamour Girl
Maggie Rennie was:
Beryl Laverick
Girl at Dance
Beryl Laverick was:
Maureen Hurley
Girl at Dance
Maureen Hurley was:
Peggy Carlisle
Peggy Carlisle was:
Noel Dainton
Footman (uncredited)
Noel Dainton was:
Irene Handl
Irene Handl was:
Anthony Holles
Anthony Holles was:
David Keir
David Keir was:
Ferdy Mayne
Ferdy Mayne was:
Brian Nissen
Brian Nissen was:
Patricia Owens
Patricia Owens was:
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