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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives

Release Date: 1975-02-12 (46 years ago)
Katharine Ross
Joanna Eberhart
Katharine Ross was:
Paula Prentiss
Bobbie Markowe
Paula Prentiss was:
Nanette Newman
Carol Van Sant
Nanette Newman was:
Judith Baldwin
Patricia Cornell
Judith Baldwin was:
Peter Masterson
Walter Eberhart
Peter Masterson was:
Tina Louise
Charmaine Wimpiris
Tina Louise was:
Carol Eve Rossen
Dr. Fancher
Carol Eve Rossen was:
William Prince
Ike Mazzard
William Prince was:
Mary Stuart Masterson
Kim Eberhart
Mary Stuart Masterson was:
Patrick O'Neal
Dale Coba
Patrick O'Neal was:
Dee Wallace
Nettie the Maid
Dee Wallace was:
George Coe
Claude Axhelm
George Coe was:
Franklin Cover
Ed Wimpiris
Franklin Cover was:
Carole Mallory
Kit Sunderson
Carole Mallory was:
Toni Reid
Marie Axhelm
Toni Reid was:
Barbara Rucker
Marie Ann Stravros
Barbara Rucker was:
Robert Fields
Raymond Chandler
Robert Fields was:
Josef Sommer
Ted Van Sant
Josef Sommer was:
Paula Trueman
Welcome Wagon Lady
Paula Trueman was:
Michael Higgins
Mr. Cornell
Michael Higgins was:
Martha Greenhouse
Mrs. Kirgassa
Martha Greenhouse was:
Neil Brooks Cunningham
Dave Markowe
Neil Brooks Cunningham was:
Remak Ramsay
Mr. Atkinson
Remak Ramsay was:
Ronny Sullivan
Amy Eberhart
Ronny Sullivan was:
John Aprea
Young Cop
John Aprea was:
Kenneth McMillan
Market Manager
Kenneth McMillan was:
Tom Spratley
Charlie the Doorman
Tom Spratley was:
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