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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Parallax View

The Parallax View

Release Date: 1974-06-14 (47 years ago)
Warren Beatty
Joseph Frady
Warren Beatty was:
Paula Prentiss
Lee Carter
Paula Prentiss was:
William Daniels
Austin Tucker
William Daniels was:
Walter McGinn
Jack Younger
Walter McGinn was:
Hume Cronyn
Bill Rintels
Hume Cronyn was:
Kelly Thordsen
Sheriff L.D. Wicker
Kelly Thordsen was:
Chuck Waters
Thomas Richard Linder
Chuck Waters was:
Earl Hindman
Deputy Red
Earl Hindman was:
William Joyce
Senator Charles Carroll
William Joyce was:
Bettie Johnson
Mrs. Charles Carroll
Bettie Johnson was:
Bill McKinney
Parallax Assassin
Bill McKinney was:
Jo Ann Harris
Chrissy - Frady's Girl
Jo Ann Harris was:
Ted Gehring
Schecter - Hotel Clerk
Ted Gehring was:
Lee Pulford
Shirley - Brunet Salmontail Bar Girl
Lee Pulford was:
Doria Cook-Nelson
Gale - Blond Salmontail Bar Girl
Doria Cook-Nelson was:
Jim Davis
George Hammond
Jim Davis was:
Joan Lemmo
Joan Lemmo was:
Kenneth Mars
Former FBI Agent Will
Kenneth Mars was:
William Jordan
Tucker's Aide
William Jordan was:
Edward Winter
Senator Jameson
Edward Winter was:
Stacy Keach, Sr.
Commission Spokesman #1
Stacy Keach, Sr. was:
Ford Rainey
Commission Spokesman #2
Ford Rainey was:
Alma Beltran
Joy Holder
Alma Beltran was:
Richard Bull
Parallax Goon
Richard Bull was:
Suzanne Cohane
Suzanne Cohane was:
Ronda Copland
Ronda Copland was:
Joe Di Reda
Ralph Scoletta
Joe Di Reda was:
Patsy Garrett
Patsy Garrett was:
Penelope Gillette
Penelope Gillette was:
Robert P. Lieb
Senator Gillingham
Robert P. Lieb was:
William Swan
Herbert Moon
William Swan was:
John S. Ragin
Buster Himan
John S. Ragin was:
Vernon Weddle
Harry Lutz
Vernon Weddle was:
Anthony Zerbe
Prof. Nelson Schwartzkopf (uncredited)
Anthony Zerbe was:
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