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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Black Marble

The Black Marble

Release Date: 1980-03-07 (41 years ago)
Robert Foxworth
Sgt. A.M. Valnikov
Robert Foxworth was:
Paula Prentiss
Sgt. Natalie Zimmerman
Paula Prentiss was:
Harry Dean Stanton
Philo Skinner
Harry Dean Stanton was:
Barbara Babcock
Madeline Whitfield
Barbara Babcock was:
John Hancock
Clarence Cromwell
John Hancock was:
Raleigh Bond
Captain "Hipless" Hooker
Raleigh Bond was:
Judy Landers
Pattie Mae
Judy Landers was:
Pat Corley
Itchy Mitch
Pat Corley was:
Paul Henry Itkin
Det. Bullets Bambarella
Paul Henry Itkin was:
Richard Dix
Alex Valnikov
Richard Dix was:
Jorge Cervera Jr.
Dr. Rivera
Jorge Cervera Jr. was:
Marilyn Chris
Mavis Skinner
Marilyn Chris was:
Doris Belack
Harried Woman
Doris Belack was:
Dallas Alinder
Chester Biggs
Dallas Alinder was:
Elizabeth Farley
Elizabeth Farley was:
Michael Dudikoff
Millie's Houseboy
Michael Dudikoff was:
Lou Cutell
Mr. Limpwood
Lou Cutell was:
Anne Ramsey
Bessie Callahan
Anne Ramsey was:
Ion Teodorescu
Ion Teodorescu was:
Michael Hawkins
Captain Jack Packerton (as Michael Gainsborough)
Michael Hawkins was:
Lidia Kristen
Russian Woman
Lidia Kristen was:
Tenaya Torres
Tenaya Torres was:
Art Kassul
Show Judge
Art Kassul was:
Robin Raymond
Robin Raymond was:
Billy Beck
Man at Cemetery
Billy Beck was:
Adele Malis-Morey
Woman at Cemetery
Adele Malis-Morey was:
Herta Ware
Grand Duchess
Herta Ware was:
Jane Daly
Bullets' Girlfriend
Jane Daly was:
F. Wilcock
Russian Priest (as Rev. F. Wilcock S.J.)
F. Wilcock was:
Valery Klever
Russian Painter
Valery Klever was:
Natasha Plaksin
Russian Singer
Natasha Plaksin was:
Christopher Lloyd
Arnold's Collector
Christopher Lloyd was:
James Woods
The Fiddler
James Woods was:
Bill Burns
Dog Show Handler (uncredited)
Bill Burns was:
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