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M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

Release Date: 1983-03-13 (38 years ago)
Mariette Hartley
Candy Lightner
Mariette Hartley was:
Paula Prentiss
Lynne Wiley
Paula Prentiss was:
Shelby Balik
Cari / Serena Lightner
Shelby Balik was:
Robert Carnegie
Doug Hamilton
Robert Carnegie was:
Nicolas Coster
Maurice Carver
Nicolas Coster was:
Lee de Broux
Officer Chesrow
Lee de Broux was:
Alan Fudge
Alan Fudge was:
James Gammon
Willard Kohler
James Gammon was:
Elizabeth Huddle
Jean Moorhead
Elizabeth Huddle was:
David Huddleston
Steve Blankenship
David Huddleston was:
Tammy Lauren
Chandler Doherty
Tammy Lauren was:
William Lucking
Officer McKnight
William Lucking was:
Cliff Potts
Steve Lightner
Cliff Potts was:
Bert Remsen
Dick Dodridge
Bert Remsen was:
Andy Romano
Harry Doherty
Andy Romano was:
Ken Swofford
Sergeant Wagner
Ken Swofford was:
Grace Zabriskie
Silvie Alice Kohler
Grace Zabriskie was:
John Rubinstein
Steve White
John Rubinstein was:
Richard Backus
Dr. Schumwaith
Richard Backus was:
Teri Beckerman
Teri Beckerman was:
Katherine De Hetre
Kathy Livingston
Katherine De Hetre was:
John Elerick
John Elerick was:
Bradford English
Officer Sternhagen
Bradford English was:
Matthew Faison
Jack Sapunor
Matthew Faison was:
Leo Gordon
Officer Horvath
Leo Gordon was:
John Hancock
Judge Daugherty
John Hancock was:
Milt Kogan
Dr. Christiansen
Milt Kogan was:
Dennis Robertson
Father Michael Donnelly
Dennis Robertson was:
Paul Stout
Travis Lightner
Paul Stout was:
John Callahan
Officer Landers
John Callahan was:
Frank Lugo
Frank Lugo was:
Robina Suwol
Nurse Judy
Robina Suwol was:
Toni Lawrence
Marilyn Sabin
Toni Lawrence was:
Lyvingston Holmes
Lyvingston Holmes was:
Charles Allen-Anderson
Paramedic #1
Charles Allen-Anderson was:
Wendy Oates
Nurse #1
Wendy Oates was:
De'voreaux White
De'voreaux White was:
S. John Launer
Judge Sheldon Grossfeld
S. John Launer was:
Candy Lightner
Woman Reporter
Candy Lightner was:
Doug Hale
Man Reporter
Doug Hale was:
Momo Yashima
Reporter #3
Momo Yashima was:
Ruth Britt
C.H.P. Officer Dorothy
Ruth Britt was:
Donna M. Holton
Nurse #2
Donna M. Holton was:
Bob Harks
Bartender (uncredited)
Bob Harks was:
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