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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise

Release Date: 1961-11-01 (60 years ago)
Bob Hope
Adam J. Niles
Bob Hope was:
Lana Turner
Rosemary Howard
Lana Turner was:
Janis Paige
Dolores Jynson
Janis Paige was:
Jim Hutton
Larry Delavane
Jim Hutton was:
Paula Prentiss
Linda Delavane
Paula Prentiss was:
Don Porter
Thomas W. Jynson
Don Porter was:
Virginia Grey
Camille Quinlaw
Virginia Grey was:
Agnes Moorehead
Judge Peterson
Agnes Moorehead was:
Florence Sundstrom
Mrs. Bertha Pickering
Florence Sundstrom was:
John McGiver
Austin Palfrey
John McGiver was:
Clinton Sundberg
Rodney Jones
Clinton Sundberg was:
Alan Hewitt
Attorney Backett
Alan Hewitt was:
Reta Shaw
Mrs. Brown
Reta Shaw was:
Lee Krieger
Court Clerk (uncredited)
Lee Krieger was:
Lisa Seagram
Niles' Secretary (uncredited)
Lisa Seagram was:
Mary Treen
Mrs. Freedman
Mary Treen was:
Roberta Shore
Ginnie Caccardi
Roberta Shore was:
Leoda Richards
Coutroom Spectator
Leoda Richards was:
Tracy Stratford
Sissy 'Mrs. McIntyre' Pickering (uncredited)
Tracy Stratford was:
Rodney Bell
Attorney (uncredited)
Rodney Bell was:
Brandy Bryan
Waitress (uncredited)
Brandy Bryan was:
Robert Carson
Attorney (uncredited)
Robert Carson was:
Dick Cherney
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Dick Cherney was:
Michael Cirillo
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Michael Cirillo was:
Oliver Cross
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Oliver Cross was:
Walt Davis
Baseball Spectator (uncredited)
Walt Davis was:
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