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Release Date: 2006-12-01 (14 years ago)
Paris Hilton
Victoria English
Paris Hilton was:
Paula Garcés
Gloria Torrez
Paula Garcés was:
Sarah Carter
Kristen Haas
Sarah Carter was:
Simon Rex
Simon Rex was:
Geoffrey Arend
Dax / Mother / Photographer
Geoffrey Arend was:
Alexis Thorpe
Alexis Thorpe was:
Bianca Lawson
Bianca Lawson was:
Kerri Kenney-Silver
Kathy Johnson
Kerri Kenney-Silver was:
Diva Zappa
Babs Cohen
Diva Zappa was:
Greg Cipes
Greg Cipes was:
Randy Spelling
Randy Spelling was:
Holly Valance
Holly Valance was:
Alison MacInnis
Alison MacInnis was:
Sofía Vergara
FHM Hostess
Sofía Vergara was:
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra was:
Lin Shaye
Miss Prin
Lin Shaye was:
Taylor Negron
Professor Milchik
Taylor Negron was:
Rick Overton
Janitor Jones
Rick Overton was:
Julia Lehman
Julia Lehman was:
Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards was:
Noureen DeWulf
Poo Poo
Noureen DeWulf was:
Amanda Aday
Maxine Picker
Amanda Aday was:
Amanda Rowan
Amanda Rowan was:
Sarai Howard
Sarai Howard was:
Keith Hudson
Keith Hudson was:
Dieter Meier
Dieter Meier was:
Beau Beasley
Gay Guy
Beau Beasley was:
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson was:
Sam E. Goldberg
Teddy the Nerd
Sam E. Goldberg was:
Rick Najera
Buford Gomez
Rick Najera was:
Elizabeth Daily
Catherine Johnson
Elizabeth Daily was:
Suzanna Rosado
Cute Girl #1
Suzanna Rosado was:
Tanisha Hernandez
Cute Girl #2
Tanisha Hernandez was:
William Heins
Eddie Johnson
William Heins was:
Olympia Kricos
Female Student
Olympia Kricos was:
Keri Bruno
Keri Bruno was:
Mayra Veronica
FHM Model
Mayra Veronica was:
Cayleen Davies
Gamma Pledge #1
Cayleen Davies was:
Jaclyn Matthus
Goth Girl #1
Jaclyn Matthus was:
Chira Cassel
Goth Girl #2
Chira Cassel was:
Tania Jimenez
Goth Girl #3
Tania Jimenez was:
Allen Choate
Hairy Guy
Allen Choate was:
April Henry
Irish Girl
April Henry was:
Jiannina Castro
Irish Girl's Friend
Jiannina Castro was:
Dustin Mangas
Jock Student
Dustin Mangas was:
Eugenio Derbez
Eugenio Derbez was:
Miriam Kulick
Judith Cohen
Miriam Kulick was:
J.J. Wilson
Mr. Haas
J.J. Wilson was:
Chad Muska
MTV Editor
Chad Muska was:
Ari Belinski
Ari Belinski was:
Preston Lacy
Preston Lacy was:
Betheny Merola
Smoking Girl #1
Betheny Merola was:
Yvonne Gougelet
Smoking Girl #2
Yvonne Gougelet was:
Jasmine Waltz
Smoking Girl #3
Jasmine Waltz was:
Alexis Barbara
Soda Girl #1
Alexis Barbara was:
Cleveland Marcus Walton
Tri Pi Guy #1
Cleveland Marcus Walton was:
Andrew Phillips
Tri Pi Guy #2
Andrew Phillips was:
Sam Maccarone
Sam Maccarone was:
Cheryl Graham
Waspy Girl #1
Cheryl Graham was:
Lily Brawner
Waspy Girl #2
Lily Brawner was:
Kirsten Gustitus
Waspy Girl #3
Kirsten Gustitus was:
Shamron Moore
Shamron Moore was:
Jennifer Elise Cox
VJ Outside FHM Party
Jennifer Elise Cox was:
Angela Dodson
Angela Dodson was:
Camille Langfield
Mary at Nude Sorority
Camille Langfield was:
Daisy Hamilton
Daisy Hamilton was:
April Florio
Gamma Girl
April Florio was:
Keren Gilbert
Girl at FHM Party
Keren Gilbert was:
Evan Scott Golden
Evan Scott Golden was:
Andrew M. Phillips
Frat Guy #1
Andrew M. Phillips was:
Eric Raddatz
Eric Raddatz was:
Breven Angaelica Warren
SBU Student
Breven Angaelica Warren was:
Mickey Mickey
Mickey Mickey was:
Dustin Clingan
SBU Student
Dustin Clingan was:
Jay Gutierrez
Frat Guy
Jay Gutierrez was:
Hali Lula Hudson
Goth Girl
Hali Lula Hudson was:
Cristy Joy Slavis
Cristy Joy Slavis was:
Allison Weissman
Allison Weissman was:
Aitch Alberto
Aitch Alberto was:
Aitch Alberto
'Not' Straight Guy
Aitch Alberto was:
Angel Anes
Angel Anes was:
Trisha Carman
Sorority Girl
Trisha Carman was:
Raul de Molina
Older Catering Guy
Raul de Molina was:
Kelly Ehlert
Kelly Ehlert was:
Seth Harris Gordon
SBU Student
Seth Harris Gordon was:
Eric Jimenez
Eric Jimenez was:
Daniel J. Loht
Food Fighter
Daniel J. Loht was:
Frantisek Mach
Frantisek Mach was:
Liam Mason
Liam Mason was:
Brooke Newton
Hot Chick
Brooke Newton was:
Jennifer Perez
Pretty Girl in Nightclub
Jennifer Perez was:
Nathan Pitkanen
SBU Student
Nathan Pitkanen was:
Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton was:
Athena Stamos
SBU Student
Athena Stamos was:
Vitaliy Versace
Vitaliy Versace was:
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