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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2002-03-17 (19 years ago)
Michael Biehn
Henry Gates
Michael Biehn was:
Paula Garcés
Paula Garcés was:
Jesse Bradford
Zak Gibbs
Jesse Bradford was:
Robin Thomas
Dr. Gibbs
Robin Thomas was:
French Stewart
Dr. Earl Dopler
French Stewart was:
Julia Sweeney
Jenny Gibbs
Julia Sweeney was:
Lindze Letherman
Kelly Gibbs
Lindze Letherman was:
Jason George
Jason George was:
Ken Jenkins
NSA Agent Moore
Ken Jenkins was:
Tony Abatemarco
Tony Abatemarco was:
Garikayi Mutambirwa
Garikayi Mutambirwa was:
Brian J. Williams
Car Salesman (uncredited)
Brian J. Williams was:
Linda Kim
Linda Kim was:
Esperanza Catubig
Ticket Agent
Esperanza Catubig was:
Jennifer Manley
Security Officer
Jennifer Manley was:
Scott Thomson
Tourist Dad
Scott Thomson was:
Deborah Rawlings
Tourist Mom
Deborah Rawlings was:
Jodie Milks
Bright Freshman
Jodie Milks was:
Brad "Chip" Pope
Confused Freshman
Brad "Chip" Pope was:
Oanh Nguyen
Graduate Student
Oanh Nguyen was:
Andrew James Armstrong
Hot Skates Sports Boy
Andrew James Armstrong was:
Rachel Arieff
Hot Skates Saleswoman
Rachel Arieff was:
Joey Simmrin
Rick Ditmar
Joey Simmrin was:
Finneus Egan
Ditmar's Friend
Finneus Egan was:
Pamela Dunlap
Vice Principal
Pamela Dunlap was:
Gina Hecht
Meter Maid
Gina Hecht was:
Eric Michael Baugh
Eric Michael Baugh was:
Dwight Armstrong
Nose-Ring Boy
Dwight Armstrong was:
DJ Midas
Flavius' Opponent
DJ Midas was:
Billy Mayo
Q.T. Agent
Billy Mayo was:
Jenette Goldstein
Jenette Goldstein was:
Jeff Ricketts
Officer Meyers
Jeff Ricketts was:
Melanie Mayron
Night Manager
Melanie Mayron was:
Larry Carroll
Larry Carroll was:
Caroline Fogarty
Convention Worker
Caroline Fogarty was:
Miko Hughes
Young Dopler
Miko Hughes was:
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