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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1969-05-22 (52 years ago)
Paul Newman
Frank Capua
Paul Newman was:
Joanne Woodward
Joanne Woodward was:
Robert Wagner
Lou Erding
Robert Wagner was:
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas was:
David Sheiner
Leo Crawford
David Sheiner was:
Clu Gulager
Clu Gulager was:
Barry Ford
Barry Ford was:
Karen Arthur
Miss Dairy Queen
Karen Arthur was:
Bobby Unser
Bobby Unser was:
Tony Hulman
Tony Hulman was:
Bobby Grimalt
Himself (uncredited)
Bobby Grimalt was:
Dan Gurney
Himself (uncredited)
Dan Gurney was:
Roger McCluskey
Himself (uncredited)
Roger McCluskey was:
Allen Emerson
Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Allen Emerson was:
Ray Ballard
Trombone Player (uncredited)
Ray Ballard was:
Harry Basch
The Stranger (uncredited)
Harry Basch was:
John Bryant
Well-Wisher at Indy Victory (uncredited)
John Bryant was:
Robert Shayne
Well-Wisher at Indy Victory (uncredited)
Robert Shayne was:
Marianna Case
Motorcycle Girl (uncredited)
Marianna Case was:
Tony Clayton
The Girl (uncredited)
Tony Clayton was:
Carolyn McNichol
Party Girl (uncredited)
Carolyn McNichol was:
Stephen Mitchell
Mechanic at Riverside (uncredited)
Stephen Mitchell was:
Paulene Myers
Cleaning Woman (uncredited)
Paulene Myers was:
Charles Seel
Eshovo (uncredited)
Charles Seel was:
Alma Platt
Mrs. Eshovo (uncredited)
Alma Platt was:
Robert Quarry
Sam Jagin (uncredited)
Robert Quarry was:
Maxine Stuart
Miss Redburne's Mother (uncredited)
Maxine Stuart was:
Bruce Walkup
Driver No. 1 (uncredited)
Bruce Walkup was:
Eileen Wesson
Miss Redburne (uncredited)
Eileen Wesson was:
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