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Until They Sail

Until They Sail

Release Date: 1957-10-08 (63 years ago)
Jean Simmons
Barbara Leslie Forbes
Jean Simmons was:
Joan Fontaine
Anne Leslie
Joan Fontaine was:
Paul Newman
Capt. Jack Harding
Paul Newman was:
Piper Laurie
Delia Leslie Friskett
Piper Laurie was:
Sandra Dee
Evelyn Leslie
Sandra Dee was:
Charles Drake
Capt. Richard Bates
Charles Drake was:
Wally Cassell
Phil Friskett
Wally Cassell was:
Alan Napier
Prosecution Attorney
Alan Napier was:
Ralph Votrian
Max Murphy
Ralph Votrian was:
John Wilder
John Wilder was:
Tige Andrews
US Marine, Store Customer
Tige Andrews was:
Adam Kennedy
Andy, Delia's Lover
Adam Kennedy was:
Mickey Shaughnessy
US Marine, Store Customer
Mickey Shaughnessy was:
Phyllis Douglas
Local Girl
Phyllis Douglas was:
Patrick Macnee
Pvt. Duff (scenes deleted)
Patrick Macnee was:
Nicky Blair
US Marine (uncredited)
Nicky Blair was:
William Boyett
US Marine (uncredited)
William Boyett was:
Don Eitner
US Marine (uncredited)
Don Eitner was:
Franklyn Farnum
Man Smoking Outside Courtroom (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum was:
Stuart Holmes
Townsman (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Kendrick Huxham
Judge (uncredited)
Kendrick Huxham was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Barrister Leaving Courtroom (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Carl M. Leviness
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness was:
Bert Stevens
Townsman (uncredited)
Bert Stevens was:
Patrick Waltz
US Marine (uncredited)
Patrick Waltz was:
Ben Wright
Defense Attorney (uncredited)
Ben Wright was:
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