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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Torn Curtain

Torn Curtain

Release Date: 1966-07-13 (55 years ago)
Paul Newman
Michael Armstrong
Paul Newman was:
Julie Andrews
Sarah Sherman
Julie Andrews was:
Lila Kedrova
Countess Kuchinska
Lila Kedrova was:
Hansjörg Felmy
Heinrich Gerhard
Hansjörg Felmy was:
Tamara Toumanova
Tamara Toumanova was:
Ludwig Donath
Gustav Lindt
Ludwig Donath was:
Wolfgang Kieling
Hermann Gromek
Wolfgang Kieling was:
Günter Strack
Karl Manfred
Günter Strack was:
David Opatoshu
Mr. Jacobi
David Opatoshu was:
Gisela Fischer
Dr. Koska
Gisela Fischer was:
Mort Mills
Mort Mills was:
Carolyn Conwell
Farmer's Wife
Carolyn Conwell was:
Arthur Gould-Porter
Arthur Gould-Porter was:
Gloria Govrin
Miss Mann
Gloria Govrin was:
Norbert Schiller
Professor Gutman (uncredited)
Norbert Schiller was:
Leoda Richards
Woman Backstage (uncredited)
Leoda Richards was:
Frank Baker
Party Guest (uncredited)
Frank Baker was:
Alfred Hitchcock
Man in Hotel Lobby with Baby (uncredited)
Alfred Hitchcock was:
William Glover
British Correspondent (uncredited)
William Glover was:
Mischa Hausserman
Idealistic Young Man (uncredited)
Mischa Hausserman was:
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