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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Verdict

The Verdict

Release Date: 1982-12-08 (38 years ago)
Paul Newman
Frank Galvin
Paul Newman was:
Charlotte Rampling
Laura Fischer
Charlotte Rampling was:
Jack Warden
Mickey Morrissey
Jack Warden was:
James Mason
Ed Concannon
James Mason was:
Milo O’Shea
Judge Hoyle
Milo O’Shea was:
Lindsay Crouse
Kaitlin Costello
Lindsay Crouse was:
Edward Binns
Bishop Brophy
Edward Binns was:
Julie Bovasso
Maureen Rooney
Julie Bovasso was:
Roxanne Hart
Sally Doneghy
Roxanne Hart was:
James Handy
Kevin Doneghy
James Handy was:
Wesley Addy
Dr. Towler
Wesley Addy was:
Joe Seneca
Dr. Thompson
Joe Seneca was:
Lewis J. Stadlen
Dr. Gruber
Lewis J. Stadlen was:
Kent Broadhurst
Joseph Alito
Kent Broadhurst was:
Colin Stinton
Colin Stinton was:
Tobin Bell
Courtroom Observer (uncredited)
Tobin Bell was:
Bruce Willis
Courtroom Observer (uncredited)
Bruce Willis was:
John Blood
Funeral Director
John Blood was:
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