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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Secret War of Harry Frigg

The Secret War of Harry Frigg

Release Date: 1968-02-29 (53 years ago)
Paul Newman
Pvt. Harry Frigg
Paul Newman was:
Sylva Koscina
Countess Francesca De Montefiore
Sylva Koscina was:
Andrew Duggan
Gen. Newton Armstrong
Andrew Duggan was:
Tom Bosley
Gen. Roscoe Pennypacker
Tom Bosley was:
John Williams
Gen. Francis Mayhew
John Williams was:
Charles Gray
Gen. Adrian Cox-Roberts
Charles Gray was:
Vito Scotti
Col. Enrico Ferrucci
Vito Scotti was:
Jacques Roux
Gen. Andre Rochambeau
Jacques Roux was:
Werner Peters
Maj. von Steignitz
Werner Peters was:
James Gregory
Gen. Homer Prentiss
James Gregory was:
Fabrizio Mioni
Lt. Rossano
Fabrizio Mioni was:
Johnny Haymer
Sgt. Pozzallo
Johnny Haymer was:
Norman Fell
Captain Stanley
Norman Fell was:
Buck Henry
Stockade Commandant
Buck Henry was:
Horst Ebersberg
Lt. Gruber
Horst Ebersberg was:
Richard X. Slattery
MP Sergeant
Richard X. Slattery was:
George Ives
George Ives was:
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