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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Prize

The Prize

Release Date: 1963-12-25 (57 years ago)
Paul Newman
Andrew Craig
Paul Newman was:
Edward G. Robinson
Max Stratman/Walter Stratman
Edward G. Robinson was:
Elke Sommer
Inger Lisa Andersson
Elke Sommer was:
Diane Baker
Emily Stratman
Diane Baker was:
Micheline Presle
Denise Marceau
Micheline Presle was:
Gérard Oury
Claude Marceau
Gérard Oury was:
Sacha Pitoëff
Sacha Pitoëff was:
Sergio Fantoni
Carlo Farelli
Sergio Fantoni was:
Kevin McCarthy
John Garrett
Kevin McCarthy was:
Leo G. Carroll
Bertil Jacobsson
Leo G. Carroll was:
Jacqueline Beer
Monique Souvir
Jacqueline Beer was:
John Wengraf
Hans Eckhart
John Wengraf was:
Don Dubbins
Ivar Cramer, Light Henchman
Don Dubbins was:
Virginia Christine
Mrs. Bergh, Chaperon
Virginia Christine was:
Rudolph Anders
Mr. Rolfe Bergh - Chaperon
Rudolph Anders was:
Bess Flowers
Lady In Audience
Bess Flowers was:
John Qualen
John Qualen was:
Britt Ekland
Britt Ekland was:
Colin Kenny
Guest at Awards Ceremony
Colin Kenny was:
Bert Stevens
Guest at Award Ceremony
Bert Stevens was:
Arthur Tovey
Waiter at Reception
Arthur Tovey was:
Lori Williams
Lori Williams was:
Sigrid Petterson
Speaker at Nudist meeting
Sigrid Petterson was:
Lars Passgård
Swedish man
Lars Passgård was:
Grazia Narciso
Madame Farelli
Grazia Narciso was:
Annalena Lund
Blonde at Nightclub
Annalena Lund was:
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