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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The MacKintosh Man

The MacKintosh Man

Release Date: 1973-07-25 (48 years ago)
Paul Newman
Paul Newman was:
Dominique Sanda
Mrs. Smith
Dominique Sanda was:
James Mason
Sir George Wheeler
James Mason was:
Harry Andrews
Harry Andrews was:
Ian Bannen
Ian Bannen was:
Michael Hordern
Mr. Brown
Michael Hordern was:
Nigel Patrick
Nigel Patrick was:
Peter Vaughan
Peter Vaughan was:
Roland Culver
Roland Culver was:
Percy Herbert
Percy Herbert was:
Robert Lang
Jack Summers
Robert Lang was:
Jenny Runacre
Jenny Runacre was:
John Bindon
John Bindon was:
Hugh Manning
Hugh Manning was:
Wolfe Morris
Maltese Police Commissioner
Wolfe Morris was:
Noel Purcell
Noel Purcell was:
Donald Webster
Donald Webster was:
Keith Bell
Keith Bell was:
Niall MacGinnis
Niall MacGinnis was:
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne was:
Shane Briant
Shane Briant was:
Michael Poole
Mr. Boyd
Michael Poole was:
Eric Mason
Eric Mason was:
Ronald Clarke
Ronald Clarke was:
Antony Viccars
Antony Viccars was:
Dinny Powell
Dinny Powell was:
Doug Robinson
Danahoe (as Douglas Robinson)
Doug Robinson was:
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper was:
Marc Boyle
Marc Boyle was:
Marcelle Castillo
Marcelle Castillo was:
Nosher Powell
Nosher Powell was:
Terence Plummer
Terence Plummer was:
Joe Cahill
Joe Cahill was:
Gerry Alexander
Gerry Alexander was:
John McDarby
John McDarby was:
Donal McCann
Donal McCann was:
Joe Lynch
Joe Lynch was:
Seamus Healy
Seamus Healy was:
Tom Irwin
Tom Irwin was:
Pascal Perry
Pascal Perry was:
Steve Brennan
Steve Brennan was:
Vernon Hayden
Vernon Hayden was:
Brendan O'Duill
Brendan O'Duill was:
Clarissa Kaye-Mason
Guest at Reception (uncredited)
Clarissa Kaye-Mason was:
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