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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

Release Date: 1972-12-18 (48 years ago)
Paul Newman
Judge Roy Bean
Paul Newman was:
Jacqueline Bisset
Rose Bean
Jacqueline Bisset was:
Ned Beatty
Tector Crites
Ned Beatty was:
Anthony Perkins
Reverend LaSalle
Anthony Perkins was:
Matt Clark
Nick the Grub
Matt Clark was:
Roddy McDowall
Frank Gass
Roddy McDowall was:
Bill McKinney
Fermel Parlee
Bill McKinney was:
Tab Hunter
Sam Dodd
Tab Hunter was:
Stacy Keach
Bad Bob
Stacy Keach was:
Steve Kanaly
Whorehouse Lucky Jim
Steve Kanaly was:
Victoria Principal
Maria Elena
Victoria Principal was:
John Huston
Grizzly Adams
John Huston was:
Ava Gardner
Lily Langtry
Ava Gardner was:
Roy Jenson
Roy Jenson was:
Gary Combs
Gary Combs was:
Richard Farnsworth
Richard Farnsworth was:
Leroy Johnson
Leroy Johnson was:
Fred Krone
Fred Krone was:
Dean Smith
Dean Smith was:
Jim Burk
Bart Jackson
Jim Burk was:
Francesca Jarvis
Mrs. Jackson
Francesca Jarvis was:
Neil Summers
Snake River Rufus Krile
Neil Summers was:
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