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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Road to Perdition

Road to Perdition

Release Date: 2002-07-12 (19 years ago)
Tom Hanks
Michael Sullivan
Tom Hanks was:
Paul Newman
John Rooney
Paul Newman was:
Jude Law
Harlen Maguire
Jude Law was:
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Annie Sullivan
Jennifer Jason Leigh was:
Stanley Tucci
Frank Nitti
Stanley Tucci was:
Daniel Craig
Connor Rooney
Daniel Craig was:
Tyler Hoechlin
Michael Sullivan, Jr.
Tyler Hoechlin was:
Liam Aiken
Peter Sullivan
Liam Aiken was:
Dylan Baker
Alexander Rance
Dylan Baker was:
Ciarán Hinds
Finn McGovern
Ciarán Hinds was:
David Darlow
Jack Kelly
David Darlow was:
Kevin Chamberlin
Frank the Bouncer
Kevin Chamberlin was:
Doug Spinuzza
Doug Spinuzza was:
Kurt Naebig
Tenement Murderer
Kurt Naebig was:
Duane Sharp
Father Callaway
Duane Sharp was:
Michael Sassone
Motel Manager
Michael Sassone was:
Roderick Peeples
Nitti's Henchman
Roderick Peeples was:
Keith Kupferer
Nitti's Henchman
Keith Kupferer was:
Lara Phillips
Ruby the Waitress
Lara Phillips was:
Mina Badie
Betty the Waitress
Mina Badie was:
Heidi Jayne Netzley
Heidi Jayne Netzley was:
Lance Baker
Crime Scene Policeman
Lance Baker was:
Nicolas Cade
Boy Michael Fights
Nicolas Cade was:
John Judd
Rooney's Business Associate
John Judd was:
Kerry Rossall
Rooney's Henchman
Kerry Rossall was:
Ian Barford
Rooney's Henchman
Ian Barford was:
Rob Maxey
Drug Store Owner
Rob Maxey was:
Maureen Gallagher
Michael's Teacher
Maureen Gallagher was:
Diane Dorsey
Aunt Sarah
Diane Dorsey was:
Harry Groener
Mr. McDougal
Harry Groener was:
Peggy Roeder
Farmer Virginia
Peggy Roeder was:
James Greene
Farmer Bill
James Greene was:
Anthony LaPaglia
Al Capone (uncredited)
Anthony LaPaglia was:
Paul Turner
Finn McGovern's Henchman
Paul Turner was:
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