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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

Mr. & Mrs. Bridge

Release Date: 1990-11-23 (30 years ago)
Paul Newman
Walter Bridge
Paul Newman was:
Joanne Woodward
India Bridge
Joanne Woodward was:
Saundra McClain
Harriet Rogers
Saundra McClain was:
Margaret Welsh
Carolyn Bridge
Margaret Welsh was:
John Bell
Douglas Bridge - as a boy
John Bell was:
Kyra Sedgwick
Ruth Bridge
Kyra Sedgwick was:
Simon Callow
Dr. Alex Sauer
Simon Callow was:
Blythe Danner
Grace Barron
Blythe Danner was:
Austin Pendleton
Mr. Gadbury
Austin Pendleton was:
Robert Sean Leonard
Douglas Bridge (Older)
Robert Sean Leonard was:
Remak Ramsay
Virgil Barron
Remak Ramsay was:
Marcus Giamatti
Gil Davis
Marcus Giamatti was:
Diane Kagan
Diane Kagan was:
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