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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Release Date: 1999-02-22 (22 years ago)
Kevin Costner
Garrett Blake
Kevin Costner was:
Robin Wright
Theresa Osborne
Robin Wright was:
Paul Newman
Dodge Blake
Paul Newman was:
John Savage
Johnny Land
John Savage was:
Illeana Douglas
Lina Paul
Illeana Douglas was:
Robbie Coltrane
Charlie Toschi
Robbie Coltrane was:
Jesse James
Jason Osborne
Jesse James was:
Bethel Leslie
Marta Land
Bethel Leslie was:
Tom Aldredge
Hank Land
Tom Aldredge was:
Viveka Davis
Viveka Davis was:
Raphael Sbarge
Raphael Sbarge was:
Rosemary Murphy
Helen at the B&B
Rosemary Murphy was:
Steven Eckholdt
David Osborne
Steven Eckholdt was:
Susan Brightbill
Catherine Land Blake
Susan Brightbill was:
David Paris
Helicopter Pilot #1
David Paris was:
Patricia Belcher
Patricia Belcher was:
Jennifer Lamb
Woman on Sinking Boat
Jennifer Lamb was:
Hayden Panettiere
Girl on Sinking Boat
Hayden Panettiere was:
Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton was:
Walt MacPherson
Pete The Cop
Walt MacPherson was:
Lance Gilbert
Man On Sinking Boat
Lance Gilbert was:
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