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La Classe américaine

La Classe américaine

Release Date: 1993-12-31 (27 years ago)
Christine Delaroche
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Christine Delaroche was:
Évelyne Grandjean
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Évelyne Grandjean was:
Marc Cassot
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Marc Cassot was:
Patrick Guillemin
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Patrick Guillemin was:
Raymond Loyer
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Raymond Loyer was:
Joël Martineau
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Joël Martineau was:
Jean-Claude Montalban
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Jean-Claude Montalban was:
Roger Rudel
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Roger Rudel was:
Jean-Éric Bielle
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Jean-Éric Bielle was:
Marc François
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Marc François was:
Michel Hazanavicius
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Michel Hazanavicius was:
Lionel Abelanski
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Lionel Abelanski was:
Dominique Farrugia
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Dominique Farrugia was:
Alain Chabat
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Alain Chabat was:
Serge Hazanavicius
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Serge Hazanavicius was:
Jean-Yves Lafesse
Dubbing Voice (voice)
Jean-Yves Lafesse was:
John Wayne
George Abitbol (archive footage)
John Wayne was:
Dustin Hoffman
Peter (archive footage)
Dustin Hoffman was:
Paul Newman
Dave (archive footage)
Paul Newman was:
Robert Redford
Steven (archive footage)
Robert Redford was:
Burt Lancaster
José (archive footage)
Burt Lancaster was:
Henry Fonda
Hugues (archive footage)
Henry Fonda was:
James Stewart
Jacques (archive footage)
James Stewart was:
Dean Martin
Dino (archive footage)
Dean Martin was:
Frank Sinatra
Frankie (archive footage)
Frank Sinatra was:
Clark Gable
The Actor (archive footage)
Clark Gable was:
Robert Mitchum
Yves (archive footage)
Robert Mitchum was:
Lauren Bacall
Christelle (archive footage)
Lauren Bacall was:
Angie Dickinson
Jacqueline (archive footage)
Angie Dickinson was:
Lana Turner
Isabelle (archive footage)
Lana Turner was:
Jason Robards
The Newspaper Director (archive footage)
Jason Robards was:
Orson Welles
Self (archive footage)
Orson Welles was:
Martin Balsam
Callaghan (archive footage)
Martin Balsam was:
Ricky Nelson
George's Friend (archive footage)
Ricky Nelson was:
Charles Bronson
The Indian (archive footage)
Charles Bronson was:
Elvis Presley
The Fucking Oddball (archive footage)
Elvis Presley was:
Stuart Whitman
A Future Man (archive footage)
Stuart Whitman was:
Ned Beatty
Frédéric (archive footage)
Ned Beatty was:
Spencer Tracy
The Professional Witness (archive footage)
Spencer Tracy was:
Ernest Borgnine
Ernest (archive footage)
Ernest Borgnine was:
Jan-Michael Vincent
The Helicopter Fan (archive footage)
Jan-Michael Vincent was:
Yvonne De Carlo
The Actor's Wife (archive footage)
Yvonne De Carlo was:
Randolph Scott
Joël (archive footage)
Randolph Scott was:
James Franciscus
Professor Hammond (archive footage)
James Franciscus was:
Slim Pickens
'Deep Throat' (archive footage)
Slim Pickens was:
Antonio Fargas
'Good Advices' Huggy (archive footage)
Antonio Fargas was:
Walter Brennan
'Stumpy' (archive footage)
Walter Brennan was:
Jacqueline Bisset
The Helicopter Woman (archive footage)
Jacqueline Bisset was:
Burgess Meredith
The Helicopter Man (archive footage)
Burgess Meredith was:
Jack Warden
A Journalist (archive footage)
Jack Warden was:
Akim Tamiroff
Dino's Friend (archive footage)
Akim Tamiroff was:
Nick Cravat
José's Friend (archive footage) (uncredited)
Nick Cravat was:
John Qualen
V12 (archive footage) (uncredited)
John Qualen was:
Donald Sutherland
Assassin (archive footage) (uncredited)
Donald Sutherland was:
Martin West
Police Officer (archive footage) (uncredited)
Martin West was:
Jacqueline deWit
Handmaid (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jacqueline deWit was:
Charlotte Stewart
Waitress (archive footage) (uncredited)
Charlotte Stewart was:
Christopher George
George's Friend (archive footage) (uncredited)
Christopher George was:
Elaine Devry
Prostitute #1 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Elaine Devry was:
Sharon DeBord
Prostitute #2 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Sharon DeBord was:
Sue Ane Langdon
Prostitute #3 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Sue Ane Langdon was:
Jackie Joseph
Prostitute #4 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jackie Joseph was:
Jackie Russell
Prostitute #5 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jackie Russell was:
Forrest Tucker
The Fax Man (archive footage) (uncredited)
Forrest Tucker was:
Robert Colbert
A Future Man (archive footage) (uncredited)
Robert Colbert was:
Jenny Sullivan
The Water Girl (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jenny Sullivan was:
Jane Howard
'La Choucroute' (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jane Howard was:
Bill McKinney
Frédéric's Agressor #1 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Bill McKinney was:
Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward
Frédéric's Agressor #2 (archive footage) (uncredited)
Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward was:
Josh Albee
Steven's New Friend (archive footage) (uncredited)
Josh Albee was:
Pamela Tiffin
Bikini Girl (archive footage) (uncredited)
Pamela Tiffin was:
Valentina Cortese
The Helicopter Man's Wife (archive footage) (uncredited)
Valentina Cortese was:
Russell Evans
Julien Lepers (archive footage) (uncredited)
Russell Evans was:
Lyle Bettger
Famous Man (archive footage) (uncredited)
Lyle Bettger was:
Michael Dante
'Le Manchot' (archive footage) (uncredited)
Michael Dante was:
Gary Grimes
George's Friend (archive footage) (uncredited)
Gary Grimes was:
Roy Jenson
Goon (archive footage) (uncredited)
Roy Jenson was:
Gila Golan
Professor Hammond's Friend (archive footage) (uncredited)
Gila Golan was:
Al Lettieri
Unknown Man (archive footage) (uncredited)
Al Lettieri was:
Richard Kelton
Gaël (archive footage) (uncredited)
Richard Kelton was:
Eddie Albert
The Porter (archive footage) (uncredited)
Eddie Albert was:
Teddy Wilson
Huggy's Friend (archive footage) (uncredited)
Teddy Wilson was:
Penny Fuller
Sosso (archive footage) (uncredited)
Penny Fuller was:
Florence Pepper
'La Grosse Vache' (archive footage) (uncredited)
Florence Pepper was:
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