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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Come Along with Me

Come Along with Me

Release Date: 1982-02-16 (39 years ago)
Estelle Parsons
Mabel Lederer / Angela Motorman
Estelle Parsons was:
Barbara Baxley
Mrs. Faun / Mrs. Faun's Sister
Barbara Baxley was:
Sylvia Sidney
Mrs. Flanner
Sylvia Sidney was:
Ed Meekin
Mr. Cabot
Ed Meekin was:
Dennis Vero
Mr. Brand
Dennis Vero was:
Kimberly Carter
Young Mabel
Kimberly Carter was:
Mary Seibel
Mabel's Mother
Mary Seibel was:
Martin Kern
Tom Faun
Martin Kern was:
Brina Rodin
Lady at Garage Sale
Brina Rodin was:
Camilla Hawk
Lady at Garage Sale
Camilla Hawk was:
Ann Coyle
Lady at Garage Sale
Ann Coyle was:
Rosemary Dean
Lady at Garage Sale
Rosemary Dean was:
Frank Galati
Rural Ticket Agent
Frank Galati was:
Thomas O. Erhart Jr.
Professor on Train
Thomas O. Erhart Jr. was:
Ned Schmidtke
Man at Bus Stop
Ned Schmidtke was:
Dick Sollenberger
Bus Driver
Dick Sollenberger was:
Sheilah Keenan
Woman at Seance
Sheilah Keenan was:
Ted Liss
Man at Seance
Ted Liss was:
R.G. Clayton
R.G. Clayton was:
Everett F. Smith
Train Conductor
Everett F. Smith was:
Dana Reilly
Rosalind Bleeker
Dana Reilly was:
Christy Michaels
Blouse Saleslady
Christy Michaels was:
Mary Reynard
Candle Saleslady
Mary Reynard was:
James Paccarrella
Cab Driver
James Paccarrella was:
Toni Fleming
Waitress at Donut Shop
Toni Fleming was:
Bob Jones
Manager of Fur Department
Bob Jones was:
Jack Orend
Clerk at Train Arcade
Jack Orend was:
Paul Newman
Hughie (voice)
Paul Newman was:
Adam Hirsch
Sid (voice)
Adam Hirsch was:
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