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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2006-06-08 (15 years ago)
Owen Wilson
Lightning McQueen (voice)
Owen Wilson was:
Bonnie Hunt
Sally Carrera (voice)
Bonnie Hunt was:
Paul Newman
Doc Hudson (voice)
Paul Newman was:
Larry the Cable Guy
Mater (voice)
Larry the Cable Guy was:
Tony Shalhoub
Luigi (voice)
Tony Shalhoub was:
Cheech Marin
Ramone (voice)
Cheech Marin was:
Michael Wallis
Sheriff (voice)
Michael Wallis was:
George Carlin
Fillmore (voice)
George Carlin was:
Paul Dooley
Sarge (voice)
Paul Dooley was:
Jenifer Lewis
Flo (voice)
Jenifer Lewis was:
Guido Quaroni
Guido (voice)
Guido Quaroni was:
Richard Petty
The King (voice)
Richard Petty was:
Michael Keaton
Chick Hicks (voice)
Michael Keaton was:
Katherine Helmond
Lizzie (voice)
Katherine Helmond was:
John Ratzenberger
Mack / Hamm Car / Abominable Snow Plow / P.T. Flea Car (voice)
John Ratzenberger was:
Joe Ranft
Red (voice)
Joe Ranft was:
Jeremy Piven
Harv (voice)
Jeremy Piven was:
Jeremy Clarkson
British Harv
Jeremy Clarkson was:
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Junior (voice)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. was:
Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti was:
Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher Ferrari (voice)
Michael Schumacher was:
Jay Leno
Jay Limo (voice)
Jay Leno was:
Tom Hanks
Woody Car (voice)
Tom Hanks was:
Tim Allen
Buzz Lightyear Car (voice)
Tim Allen was:
Billy Crystal
Mike Car (voice)
Billy Crystal was:
John Goodman
Sullivan Truck (voice)
John Goodman was:
Dave Foley
Flik Car (voice)
Dave Foley was:
Bob Costas
Bob Cutlass (voice)
Bob Costas was:
Darrell Waltrip
Darrell Cartrip (voice)
Darrell Waltrip was:
Richard Kind
Van (voice)
Richard Kind was:
Edie McClurg
Minny (voice)
Edie McClurg was:
Humpy Wheeler
Tex (voice)
Humpy Wheeler was:
Tom Magliozzi
Rusty Rust-eze (voice)
Tom Magliozzi was:
Ray Magliozzi
Dusty Rust-eze (voice)
Ray Magliozzi was:
Lynda Petty
Mrs. The King (voice)
Lynda Petty was:
Andrew Stanton
Fred (voice)
Andrew Stanton was:
Mike Nelson
Not Chuck (voice)
Mike Nelson was:
Joe Ranft
Peterbilt (voice)
Joe Ranft was:
Jonas Rivera
Boost (voice)
Jonas Rivera was:
Lou Romano
Snotrod (voice)
Lou Romano was:
Adrian Ochoa
Wingo (voice)
Adrian Ochoa was:
E.J. Holowicki
DJ (voice)
E.J. Holowicki was:
Elissa Knight
Tia (voice)
Elissa Knight was:
Lindsey Collins
Mia (voice)
Lindsey Collins was:
Larry Benton
Motorhome Race Fan (voice)
Larry Benton was:
Douglas Keever
Motorhome Race Fan (voice)
Douglas Keever was:
Sherry Lynn
Sherry Lynn was:
Mickie McGowan
Additional Voices (voice)
Mickie McGowan was:
Jack Angel
Additional Voices (voice)
Jack Angel was:
Michael Bell
Houser Boon (voice)
Michael Bell was:
Bob Bergen
Various Reporters (voice)
Bob Bergen was:
Susan Blu
Susan Blu was:
Andrea Boerries
Andrea Boerries was:
Marco Boerries
Marco Boerries was:
Rodger Bumpass
Wide Chick Pitty (voice)
Rodger Bumpass was:
Torbin Xan Bullock
Torbin Xan Bullock was:
Richard Cawood
Richard Cawood was:
Scott Clark
Scott Clark was:
Kathy Coates
Kathy Copter (voice)
Kathy Coates was:
John Cygan
Various Reporters (voice)
John Cygan was:
Jennifer Darling
Various Reporters (voice)
Jennifer Darling was:
Paul Eiding
Various Reporters (voice)
Paul Eiding was:
Bill Farmer
Various Reporters (voice)
Bill Farmer was:
Brian Fee
Brian Fee was:
Teresa Ganzel
Teresa Ganzel was:
Craig Good
Announcer (voice)
Craig Good was:
Jess Harnell
Sven 'The Governator' (voice)
Jess Harnell was:
Artie Kempner
Artie Kempner was:
Hooman Khalili
Hooman (voice)
Hooman Khalili was:
Sonoko Konishi
Chuki (voice)
Sonoko Konishi was:
Erik Langley
Erik Langley was:
Danny Mann
Al Oft (voice)
Danny Mann was:
Laraine Newman
Various Reporters (voice)
Laraine Newman was:
Teddy Newton
Teddy Newton was:
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Colleen O'Shaughnessey was:
Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson was:
Steve Purcell
Steve Purcell was:
Jan Rabson
Various Reporters (voice)
Jan Rabson was:
A.J. Riebli III
A.J. Riebli III was:
Dan Scanlon
Dan Scanlon was:
Stephen Schaffer
Stephen Schaffer was:
Ken Schretzmann
Ken Schretzmann was:
Bob Scott
Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Scott was:
Matt Staudt
Matt Staudt was:
Jay Ward
Jay Ward was:
Jim Ward
Various Reporters (voice)
Jim Ward was:
Colette Whitaker
Colette Whitaker was:
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