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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1989-12-15 (31 years ago)
Paul Newman
Gov. Earl K. Long
Paul Newman was:
Lolita Davidovich
Blaze Starr
Lolita Davidovich was:
Jerry Hardin
Jerry Hardin was:
Gailard Sartain
Gailard Sartain was:
Jeffrey DeMunn
Eldon Tuck
Jeffrey DeMunn was:
Garland Bunting
Doc Ferriday
Garland Bunting was:
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins was:
Brandon Smith
Arvin Deeter
Brandon Smith was:
Blaze Starr
Blaze Starr was:
Glynn Rubin
Crony Wife #2
Glynn Rubin was:
Jay Chevalier
Wiley Braden
Jay Chevalier was:
Robert Wuhl
Red Snyder
Robert Wuhl was:
Michael Brockman
Michael Brockman was:
Eloy Casados
Eloy Casados was:
James Harper
Willie Rainach
James Harper was:
Teresa Gilmore
Tamara Knight
Teresa Gilmore was:
Dianne Brill
Delilah Dough
Dianne Brill was:
Gilbert Lewis
Reverend Marquez
Gilbert Lewis was:
Gary Anthony Sturgis
Marquez's Son
Gary Anthony Sturgis was:
Louanne Stephens
Lora Fleming
Louanne Stephens was:
Emily Warfield
Debbie Fleming
Emily Warfield was:
Ben Cook
Younger Brother
Ben Cook was:
John P. Fertitta
Hospital Director
John P. Fertitta was:
Harlan Jordan
Dr. Cheeseborough
Harlan Jordan was:
Rod Masterson
Town Talk Reporter #1
Rod Masterson was:
Bill Dunleavy
Town Talk Reporter #2
Bill Dunleavy was:
King Cotton
Jimmie Davis
King Cotton was:
Mike Baer
Secretary of Legislature
Mike Baer was:
Bob Cherry
Earls Crony
Bob Cherry was:
Sid Lacey
Earls Crony
Sid Lacey was:
Harold G. Herthum
Earls Crony
Harold G. Herthum was:
Fred Lewis
Heckling Reporter
Fred Lewis was:
Al Robinson
Magnolia Local
Al Robinson was:
Dick Person
General Store Owner
Dick Person was:
Brooks Read
Reporter in Store
Brooks Read was:
Bill Mesman
Representative Davis
Bill Mesman was:
John A. Barber
Representative Hebert
John A. Barber was:
Patrik Baldauff
Representative Kennon
Patrik Baldauff was:
Carey Rauhman Holliday
Representative Alexander
Carey Rauhman Holliday was:
Robert Earle
Representative Elfin
Robert Earle was:
Thomas Radcliffe Atkins
Representative Johnson
Thomas Radcliffe Atkins was:
Thomas C. Smith-Alden
Asylum Spokesman
Thomas C. Smith-Alden was:
Donald J. Lee Jr.
Donut Shop Man
Donald J. Lee Jr. was:
Pat Snow
Johnnie Mae
Pat Snow was:
George Wyatt
Drunken Officer #1
George Wyatt was:
Deano Thornton
Drunken Officer #2
Deano Thornton was:
David R. Conly
Drunken Sailor
David R. Conly was:
Janet Shea
Crony Wife #1
Janet Shea was:
Michael O'Neal
Motorcycle Trooper
Michael O'Neal was:
Michael Brooks
Motorcycle Trooper
Michael Brooks was:
Stanley Hughes
Motorcycle Trooper
Stanley Hughes was:
Kevin Graham
Motorcycle Trooper
Kevin Graham was:
Wendell Raybon
Motorcycle Trooper
Wendell Raybon was:
Brad Leland
Brad Leland was:
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