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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Vast of Night

The Vast of Night

Release Date: 2020-05-15 (0 years ago)
Sierra McCormick
Fay Crocker
Sierra McCormick was:
Jake Horowitz
Jake Horowitz was:
Bruce Davis
Billy (voice)
Bruce Davis was:
Gail Cronauer
Mabel Blanche
Gail Cronauer was:
Cheyenne Barton
Cheyenne Barton was:
Mark Banik
Mark Banik was:
Gregory Peyton
Benny Wade
Gregory Peyton was:
Adam Dietrich
Rodkey Oliver
Adam Dietrich was:
Mallorie Rodak
Susan Oliver
Mallorie Rodak was:
Mollie Milligan
Marjorie Seward
Mollie Milligan was:
Ingrid Fease
Gretchen Hankins
Ingrid Fease was:
Brandon Stewart
Brandon Stewart was:
Kirk Griffith
Lon Stemmons
Kirk Griffith was:
Nika Sage McKenna
Daisy Oliver
Nika Sage McKenna was:
Brett Brock
Fred Seward
Brett Brock was:
Pam Dougherty
Mrs. McBroom / Jane Greer / Winifred
Pam Dougherty was:
Lynn Blackburn
Ruth Reynolds
Lynn Blackburn was:
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson was:
James Mayberry
James Mayberry was:
Nicolette Doke
Josephine (voice)
Nicolette Doke was:
Grant James
Grant James was:
Libby Villari
Grace (voice)
Libby Villari was:
Gordon Fox
Gordon Fox was:
John Gindling
John Gindling was:
Brianna Beasley
Ethel (voice)
Brianna Beasley was:
L.A. Young
L.A. Young was:
Chamblee Ferguson
Albert Cotesworth (uncredited)
Chamblee Ferguson was:
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