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Poster of Marley & Me: The Puppy Years

Marley & Me: The Puppy Years

Release Date: Wednesday, June 1 2011 (11 years ago)
Portrait of Travis TurnerTravis Turner
Bodi Grogan
Travis Turner was:
Portrait of Julia RhodesJulia Rhodes
Annoyed Show Patron
Julia Rhodes was:
Portrait of Geoff GustafsonGeoff Gustafson
Geoff Gustafson was:
Portrait of Christopher GoodmanChristopher Goodman
Cat (voice)
Christopher Goodman was:
Portrait of Alex ZaharaAlex Zahara
Hans Von Weiselberger
Alex Zahara was:
Portrait of Donnelly RhodesDonnelly Rhodes
Donnelly Rhodes was:
Portrait of Sydney ImbeauSydney Imbeau
Sydney Imbeau was:
Portrait of Chelah HorsdalChelah Horsdal
Carol Grogan
Chelah Horsdal was:
Portrait of Merrilyn GannMerrilyn Gann
Mrs. Crouch
Merrilyn Gann was:
Portrait of Garry ChalkGarry Chalk
Garry Chalk was:
Portrait of Kathryn KirkpatrickKathryn Kirkpatrick
Judge Luckett
Kathryn Kirkpatrick was:
Portrait of Marie WestMarie West
Marie West was:
Portrait of Keith DallasKeith Dallas
Keith Dallas was:
Portrait of Jarod JosephJarod Joseph
Jarod Joseph was:
Portrait of Nathaniel DeVeauxNathaniel DeVeaux
Judge Morgan
Nathaniel DeVeaux was:
Portrait of Dave LeaderDave Leader
Florida Mailman
Dave Leader was:
Portrait of Emily AnderssonEmily Andersson
Girl with Hot Dog
Emily Andersson was:
Portrait of Grayson RussellGrayson Russell
Marley (voice)
Grayson Russell was:
Portrait of Lauren LavoieLauren Lavoie
Fuschia (voice)
Lauren Lavoie was:
Portrait of Ryan GranthamRyan Grantham
Moose (voice)
Ryan Grantham was:
Portrait of Alexander Matthew MarrAlexander Matthew Marr
Turbo (voice)
Alexander Matthew Marr was:
Portrait of Kyle KirkwoodKyle Kirkwood
Axel (voice)
Kyle Kirkwood was:
Portrait of Jianna BallardJianna Ballard
Leisl (voice)
Jianna Ballard was:
Portrait of Ashlyn DrummondAshlyn Drummond
Godiva (voice)
Ashlyn Drummond was:
Portrait of Gordon GriceGordon Grice
Dundee (voice)
Gordon Grice was:
Portrait of Brian DrummondBrian Drummond
Trouble (voice)
Brian Drummond was:
Portrait of Lee TockarLee Tockar
Lee Tockar was:
Portrait of Olivia KrevoyOlivia Krevoy
Jazzy (voice)
Olivia Krevoy was:
Portrait of Eduardo NodaEduardo Noda
Eduardo Noda was:
Portrait of Ron WearRon Wear
Showroom Parent
Ron Wear was:
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