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Poster of Wer


Release Date: Saturday, November 16 2013 (9 years ago)
Portrait of A.J. CookA.J. Cook
Kate Moore
A.J. Cook was:
Portrait of Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché
Klaus Pistor
Sebastian Roché was:
Portrait of Simon QuartermanSimon Quarterman
Gavin Flemyng
Simon Quarterman was:
Portrait of Vik SahayVik Sahay
Eric Sarin
Vik Sahay was:
Portrait of Brian Scott O'ConnorBrian Scott O'Connor
Talan Gwynek
Brian Scott O'Connor was:
Portrait of Stephanie LemelinStephanie Lemelin
Claire Porter
Stephanie Lemelin was:
Portrait of Oaklee PendergastOaklee Pendergast
Peter Porter
Oaklee Pendergast was:
Portrait of Angelina ArmaniAngelina Armani
Claire's Sister
Angelina Armani was:
Portrait of Corneliu UliciCorneliu Ulici
Police Officer
Corneliu Ulici was:
Portrait of Brian D. JohnsonBrian D. Johnson
Henry Porter
Brian D. Johnson was:
Portrait of Sarah-Jane MeeSarah-Jane Mee
News Presenter
Sarah-Jane Mee was:
Portrait of Ozana OanceaOzana Oancea
German Woman
Ozana Oancea was:
Portrait of Alexandra PiriciAlexandra Pirici
German Reporter
Alexandra Pirici was:
Portrait of Constantin FlorescuConstantin Florescu
French Farmer #1
Constantin Florescu was:
Portrait of Ionut GramaIonut Grama
American Reporter
Ionut Grama was:
Portrait of Rudy RosenfeldRudy Rosenfeld
Old Farmer
Rudy Rosenfeld was:
Portrait of Collin BlairCollin Blair
British Reporter
Collin Blair was:
Portrait of Camelia MaximCamelia Maxim
Mrs. Gwynek
Camelia Maxim was:
Portrait of Gelu NituGelu Nitu
Gelu Nitu was:
Portrait of Alin OlteanuAlin Olteanu
Lead Officer - Abandoned Building
Alin Olteanu was:
Portrait of Alexandru NedelcuAlexandru Nedelcu
Officer Rineaux
Alexandru Nedelcu was:
Portrait of Lucy KiteLucy Kite
Reporter #4
Lucy Kite was:
Portrait of Dominic ReynoldsDominic Reynolds
Reporter #3
Dominic Reynolds was:
Portrait of Dominique SchwoebelDominique Schwoebel
French Farmer #2
Dominique Schwoebel was:
Portrait of Horatiu BobHoratiu Bob
French Reporter #1
Horatiu Bob was:
Portrait of Olimpia MălaiOlimpia Mălai
French Newscaster
Olimpia Mălai was:
Portrait of Adrian CiobanuAdrian Ciobanu
Lead Officer At Barn #1
Adrian Ciobanu was:
Portrait of Sibylla OarceaSibylla Oarcea
Old German Woman
Sibylla Oarcea was:
Portrait of Clare FernyhoughClare Fernyhough
Reporter #2
Clare Fernyhough was:
Portrait of Mihai StănescuMihai Stănescu
Lead Officer Cave
Mihai Stănescu was:
Portrait of Charlie AngelaCharlie Angela
Reporter #1
Charlie Angela was:
Portrait of Silviu DudescuSilviu Dudescu
Cave Officer
Silviu Dudescu was:
Portrait of Ioan BrancuIoan Brancu
Ioan Brancu was:
Portrait of Vasile NistorVasile Nistor
Talan's Father
Vasile Nistor was:
Portrait of Andreea EscaAndreea Esca
French Reporter #2
Andreea Esca was:
Portrait of Geo DinescuGeo Dinescu
French Woman
Geo Dinescu was:
Portrait of Daniel PopaDaniel Popa
Daniel Popa was:
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