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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

Release Date: Tuesday, December 30 2015 (7 years ago)
Portrait of Phoebe FoxPhoebe Fox
Eve Parkins
Phoebe Fox was:
Portrait of Helen McCroryHelen McCrory
Jean Hogg
Helen McCrory was:
Portrait of Jeremy IrvineJeremy Irvine
Harry Burnstow
Jeremy Irvine was:
Portrait of Oaklee PendergastOaklee Pendergast
Oaklee Pendergast was:
Portrait of Ned DennehyNed Dennehy
Old Hermit Jacob
Ned Dennehy was:
Portrait of Adrian RawlinsAdrian Rawlins
Dr. Rhodes
Adrian Rawlins was:
Portrait of Leanne BestLeanne Best
Woman In Black
Leanne Best was:
Portrait of Leilah de MezaLeilah de Meza
Leilah de Meza was:
Portrait of Amelia PidgeonAmelia Pidgeon
Amelia Pidgeon was:
Portrait of Hayley Joanne BaconHayley Joanne Bacon
Woman at Station
Hayley Joanne Bacon was:
Portrait of Jorge Leon MartinezJorge Leon Martinez
Jorge Leon Martinez was:
Portrait of Leigh DentLeigh Dent
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Leigh Dent was:
Portrait of Jude WrightJude Wright
Jude Wright was:
Portrait of Pip PearcePip Pearce
Pip Pearce was:
Portrait of Amelia CrouchAmelia Crouch
Amelia Crouch was:
Portrait of Casper AllpressCasper Allpress
Casper Allpress was:
Portrait of Alfie SimmonsAlfie Simmons
Alfie Simmons was:
Portrait of Eve PearceEve Pearce
Alice Drablow
Eve Pearce was:
Portrait of Merryn PearseMerryn Pearse
Girl in Tube
Merryn Pearse was:
Portrait of Mary RoscoeMary Roscoe
Woman in Tube
Mary Roscoe was:
Portrait of Thomas ArnoldThomas Arnold
Man at Train Station
Thomas Arnold was:
Portrait of Keanen DiaperKeanen Diaper
Ghost Child
Keanen Diaper was:
Portrait of Natasha WigmanNatasha Wigman
Ghost Child
Natasha Wigman was:
Portrait of Claire AshtonClaire Ashton
Aldwych Civilian (uncredited)
Claire Ashton was:
Portrait of Richard BanksRichard Banks
Londoner (uncredited)
Richard Banks was:
Portrait of Hayley Joanne BaconHayley Joanne Bacon
Woman at Station (uncredited)
Hayley Joanne Bacon was:
Portrait of Claire RaffertyClaire Rafferty
Clara (uncredited)
Claire Rafferty was:
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