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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

Release Date: 1925-09-22 (96 years ago)
Lon Chaney
Erik, The Phantom
Lon Chaney was:
Mary Philbin
Christine DaaƩ
Mary Philbin was:
Norman Kerry
Vicomte Raoul de Chagny
Norman Kerry was:
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Arthur Edmund Carewe was:
Gibson Gowland
Simon Buquet
Gibson Gowland was:
John St. Polis
Comte Philip de Chagny
John St. Polis was:
Snitz Edwards
Florine Papillon
Snitz Edwards was:
Virginia Pearson
Virginia Pearson was:
Olive Ann Alcorn
La Sorelli (uncredited)
Olive Ann Alcorn was:
Betty Van Allen
Ballerina (uncredited)
Betty Van Allen was:
Betty Arthur
Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Betty Arthur was:
Joseph Belmont
Stage Manager (uncredited)
Joseph Belmont was:
Alexander Bevani
Mephistopheles (uncredited)
Alexander Bevani was:
Earl Gordon Bostwick
Minor Role (uncredited)
Earl Gordon Bostwick was:
Ethel Broadhurst
Frightened Ballerina (uncredited)
Ethel Broadhurst was:
Edward Cecil
Faust (uncredited)
Edward Cecil was:
Ruth Clifford
Ballerina (uncredited)
Ruth Clifford was:
Chester Conklin
Orderly (uncredited)
Chester Conklin was:
Roy Coulson
The Jester (uncredited)
Roy Coulson was:
Bruce Covington
M. Moncharmin (uncredited)
Bruce Covington was:
Ward Crane
Count Ruboff (uncredited)
Ward Crane was:
George Davis
Guard at Christine's Door (uncredited)
George Davis was:
Madame Fiorenza
Mme. Giry - Keeper of the Box (uncredited)
Madame Fiorenza was:
Alan George
Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)
Alan George was:
Cesare Gravina
Manager (uncredited)
Cesare Gravina was:
William Humphrey
M. Debienne (uncredited)
William Humphrey was:
Carla Laemmle
Prima Ballerina (uncredited)
Carla Laemmle was:
Grace Marvin
Martha (uncredited)
Grace Marvin was:
John Miljan
Valentin (uncredited)
John Miljan was:
Edith Murgatroyd
Mama Valerius (uncredited)
Edith Murgatroyd was:
Templar Saxe
Bit Role in Faust (uncredited)
Templar Saxe was:
Bernard Siegel
Joseph Buquet (uncredited)
Bernard Siegel was:
William Tyroler
Director of Opera Orchestra (uncredited)
William Tyroler was:
Vola Vale
Ballerina / Christines Maid (uncredited)
Vola Vale was:
Ellinor Vanderveer
Operagoer (uncredited)
Ellinor Vanderveer was:
Anton Vaverka
Prompter (uncredited)
Anton Vaverka was:
Josephine Haynes Webster
Ballerina (uncredited)
Josephine Haynes Webster was:
George B. Williams
M. Ricard (uncredited)
George B. Williams was:
Ed Wolff
Mob Leader at Finale (uncredited)
Ed Wolff was:
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