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Release Date: 1923-07-01 (98 years ago)
Norman Kerry
Count Franz Maximilian Von Hohenegg
Norman Kerry was:
Mary Philbin
Agnes Urban
Mary Philbin was:
Cesare Gravina
Sylvester Urban
Cesare Gravina was:
Edith Yorke
Ursula Urban
Edith Yorke was:
George Hackathorne
Bartholomew Gruber
George Hackathorne was:
George Siegmann
Schani Huber
George Siegmann was:
Dale Fuller
Marianka Huber
Dale Fuller was:
Lillian Sylvester
Mrs. Aurora Rossreiter
Lillian Sylvester was:
Spottiswoode Aitken
Minister of War / Gisella's Father
Spottiswoode Aitken was:
Dorothy Wallace
Countess Gisella Von Steinbruck
Dorothy Wallace was:
Albert Edmondson
Nepomuck Navrital
Albert Edmondson was:
Albert Conti
Rudi / Baron von Leightsinn
Albert Conti was:
Charles King
Charles King was:
Fenwick Oliver
Fenwick Oliver was:
Sidney Bracey
Gisella's Groom
Sidney Bracey was:
Anton Vaverka
Emperor Francis Joseph
Anton Vaverka was:
Maude George
Madame Elvira
Maude George was:
Helen Broneau
Helen Broneau was:
Jane Sherman
Jane Sherman was:
Gene Roth
Gene Roth was:
Tommy Hicks
Fat Boy - Clown Scene (uncredited)
Tommy Hicks was:
Ella McKenzie
Crying Fat Girl - Clown Scene (uncredited)
Ella McKenzie was:
Jack Murphy
Boy in Crowd - Clown Scene (uncredited)
Jack Murphy was:
Rolfe Sedan
Minor Role (uncredited)
Rolfe Sedan was:
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